The UN expresses concern about new expulsions of immigrants from Chile

UN agencies expressed their concern on Tuesday about the new process of expulsion of 56 Venezuelans that the Chilean government carried out on Sunday, despite the judicial resources presented to avoid their deportation.

“We express concern about a new process of expulsion of Venezuelan foreigners, which occurred on June 6,” said a statement released on Tuesday by the Office for South America of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). UNHCR, UNICEF and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Last Sunday, 56 Venezuelans were expelled and boarded a commercial plane leased by the Chilean government to take them to Caracas.

A score of them had been convicted of crimes related to human trafficking, drug trafficking and robbery with violence and the rest had entered Chile clandestinely, according to the Interior Ministry.

Some of the Venezuelans had presented judicial appeals to avoid these deportations, and denounced that they were detained and expelled during the weekend, when they cannot defend themselves since the Chilean courts are closed.

“By carrying out the expulsion process over the weekend, access to justice for the people who were affected by the measure is limited, considering that several of them were expelled, despite the fact that their appeal was still pending. pending resolution ”, indicated the UN.

The Chilean justice system has accepted these appeals despite criticism from government authorities, who maintain that the deportations are carried out under the norms of international law and with the knowledge of the Venezuelan authorities.

“We have a different vision: that all those foreigners who want to enter Chile must do so through formal channels, through the authorized steps. It must do so by declaring what it is about, hopefully with the new law, with the corresponding visa, “said Rodrigo Delgado, Interior Minister.

During 2021, Chile has carried out at least three processes of expulsion of foreigners, mostly Venezuelans, who entered through clandestine passages through the border with Bolivia, in the inhospitable highlands.

At least five people died crossing this hostile zone, with very extreme climates and exposed to gangs of human trafficking.

Although the UN recognizes Chile’s right to enforce its borders, experts on migration issues from this body have called on the government to consider temporarily suspending deportations or forced returns of migrants, especially in the context of the COVID crisis. -19. / AFP

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