The UN issued a conviction for obstetric violence for the first time

A 39-year-old professional filed her complaint with the HIM-HER-IT through the NGO Las Casildas, who works on the subject, in conjunction with the Justice and Reparation human rights litigation team.

“I would like to meet the Spanish woman who achieved her reparation,” said María, the fictitious name of the protagonist of this story of violence, who gave an interview to Télam.

On March 9, the United Nations reported that a team of experts on women’s rights considered that “a woman in Spain who was subjected to unnecessary medical interventions during the delivery of her daughter, including induction of labor without apparent justification, was a victim of obstetric violence “.

The woman, SMF, informed Cedaw that she had gone to a public hospital in Lugo, when she was 39 weeks and six days pregnant, simply to receive counseling for irregular contractions, but had not yet gone into labor.

“However, despite this, the medical staff decided to induce labor” which “caused a lasting physical and mental trauma“said the Committee in its opinion.

It also urged Spain to provide SMF with appropriate reparation for the damage it suffered to its physical and psychological health.

He also requested that the Spanish State “provide health professionals and justice operators with adequate professional training in matters of sexual and reproductive health rights, and that access to effective legal procedures be guaranteed in cases of obstetric violence “.

“We expect a similar evolution to the Spanish case,” Julieta Saulo, founder of Las Casildas, told Télam.

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