The UN links Nicolás Maduro with crimes against humanity

Numerous accusations of human rights violations weigh on the back of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro to which the UN now officially joins. Through a forceful report of more than 400 pages of a special mission of the United Nations links him and his ministers of the Interior and Defense with “crimes against humanity” for “the arbitrary executions and the systematic use of torture” of those who not only had knowledge but also actively participated to execute.

According to the group of researchers, in the South American country there has been a systematic repression by the Venezuelan security forces against the political and citizen opposition, which has been directly supported by the Executive “With essential help” to silence the voices that are raised against him.

“The mission found reasonable grounds to believe that the Venezuelan authorities and security forces have planned and carried out serious human rights violations since 2014, some of which – including arbitrary executions and the systematic use of torture – constitute crimes of Against humanity ”, said the president of the group of experts Marta Valiñas.

For precisely six years, Venezuela experiences the greatest social, political and economic crisis in its history, which has thrown some five million migrants facing hunger and lack of opportunities. But many of those who remain fighting the ruling party have been repressed or imprisoned. This is assured by the special mission that studied hundreds of cases between disappearances, torture and arbitrary detentions. of which 48 were examined in depth, which are those that respond in the document.

The opposition, grateful

This declaration has not been long in being celebrated by the opposition, starting with the president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, who considers that the UN report is a “historical document” that reveals “the torture, persecution and murders politicians »executed by the Maduro government linked to “Not only with human rights crimes but with drug trafficking”. “It tells of the drama that Venezuelans have gone through in terms of human rights,” he said Wednesday.

Guaidó urged human rights organizations and governments to analyze the report to take action. One of them was the Colombian president Iván Duque, the Latin American president who has shown him the most support during his political battle against the ruling party.

The United Nations has called for the Venezuelan Government, one of the most currently holding political prisoners. hold those responsible for the “atrocious violations” that far from being isolated, these “crimes were coordinated and committed in accordance with State policies, with the knowledge or direct support of the commanders and senior government officials,” Valiñas added. . Venezuela has been experiencing a serious political crisis since 2015 »,


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