The Unconventional Tactics of Joan of Arc: How a Woman’s Strengths Saved France from the Hundred Years’ War

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Why was Joan of Arc named after the Hundred Years’ War? Historical novelist Yuma Kurosawa said, “Jeanne was a novice in warfare. She was free from preconceived notions and was able to develop effective tactics one after another, bringing victory to Britain.” That -.

*This article is based on Hayuma Kurosawa’shottest women in world history](Shincho Shinsho) is a re-edited version.

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A trump card that only women who are not bound by order have

Mari Matsunaga, i-mode developer, is the author of the book “why do you work]introduces these words of a certain personnel manager.

“In this day and age, I think women are excellent because they have a trump card, the Joker, in their cards. But when it comes down to it, women have a trump card that can cut even an ace.In other words, this company is not everything.”

If you replace the word “company” with the word “organization”, I think it’s a logic that can be used in any era.

In contrast to men who must continue to play power games in an organization or herd for the rest of their lives, women who have other options are free from the hierarchy and rules of the organization. Even if they sometimes behaved uninhibitedly and caused a backlash from men who said they couldn’t read the mood, their work has opened a hole in the rigid organization and encouraged change.

The Jeanne d’Arc introduced this time is also a person who made the most of the strengths of such a woman and demonstrated her abilities to the fullest. Although she’s a well-known figure, let’s take another look at her success.

Jeanne who embodied “amateurs are terrible when it comes to women and war”

In 1427, Jeanne received a revelation to save France. Around this time, the Hundred Years’ War between Britain and France that had been going on since the last century was finally coming to an end.

The northern half of the country, including the capital Paris, is under British control, and Orléans, the last fortress, is on the verge of falling. Charles VII, the crown prince, had no prospect of ascending to the throne, and he is said to have considered exile in Spain or Scotland.

Such a predicament entrusted the destiny of France to a crazy girl who had no track record or backing except that she had heard a revelation from God.

But Napoleon later said, “Women and war are terrifying for amateurs.”

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