“The Undoing”: Diligent guesswork with Nicole Kidman

In the thriller “The Undoing” we viewers are excited to be tortured: Who really murdered the young artist? Are suspicious – practically everyone. Even the detective investigating the case. From Monday on Sky.

As an oncologist, he rescues terminally ill children; as a psychotherapist, she helps people out of the crisis. He’s as smart as Hugh Grant and she’s as ethereally handsome as Nicole Kidman. They live in a discreetly elegant apartment in Manhattan with their violin-playing teenage son, and if there is a dispute in this family, it is about whether to get a dog. Son means yes, father means no, because he has a dog allergy.

If he didn’t, the idyll would be perfect, this cliché envy of the classic thriller or horror film, which is drawn in order to then theatrically tear the pretty picture to pieces. Ha, everything is different! Is everything different? Is there a narcissist in the attentive, empathetic doctor, a murderess in the model mum, and why is the son hiding a sledgehammer in the violin case?

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