The UNE asked Royón to modify the resolution that left Neuquén out of the management of the dams

2023-06-08 18:04:00

The provincial deputy for the Frente de Todos, Mariano Mansilla, presented an administrative claim before the National Energy Secretariat to modify the resolution that granted control of the dams to ENARSA in an exclusive manner (to the National State) and to incorporate it into the provinces of Neuquén and Río Negro in resource management.

In dialogue with “Arranquemos” on RIO NEGRO RADIO, Mansilla highlighted that The administrative route was made with a copy to the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández.

He explained that the secretariat has 10 days to give an answer and in case of “silence or refusal”» to the proposal, it will go to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (CSJN).

It is an administrative resource for request a review of the proceedings: that the exclusive capacity of the National State be modified and a mechanism for participation in the technical and political representation of the provinces of Neuquén and Río Negro be incorporated,” said Mansilla.

He clarified that the measure will seek reverse the position of the national government and “as owners of the resources, be part of the administrationn». He recalled that progress had been made in a common position with the province of Río Negro to integrate a tripartite body with the Nation to take charge of the hydroelectric complexes.

It was also agreed Maintain control and management bodies, such as the AIC and ORSEP, technical institutions that regulate the safety of the dams and determine the management of the water resources of both rivers. Both organisms they depend on the concessions that end on August 11.

«In Buenos Aires they want to continue managing our rivers and the profits they produce the dams: 4 expire this year,” Mansilla recalled.

He insisted that they are not against the completion of the concession processes, but rather that the provinces be excluded from the future administration. He said that according to what the technicians from the Energy area revealed, the project is for Enarsa, once in control of the complexes, to grant it directly to the companies.

“We do not want to prevent the concessions from being delivered, We want to regain control of the resource that foreign groups have today that managed it for 30 years, without investing anything. Enarsa does not have the technical elements to operate the dams, it is a maneuver to grant concessions directly, the provinces have the technical, legal and political elements to do so, “he said.

He added that Monday sThere will be a broad political call to organize the reverse of the Energy resolution, while he indicated that he went ahead with the claim “so that the measure does not enter into force, they have time to modify it.”

Provincial deputy Mariano Mansilla spoke with “Vos al aire” in BLACK RIVER RADIO and said…

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