The United States and Iran Complete Prisoner Exchange: $6 Billion Unfrozen and Five American Citizens Released – Yahoo News

2023-09-19 07:43:22
The United States and Iran complete prisoner exchange: The United States unfrozen $6 billion in Iranian funds and five detained American citizens flew out of Iran Yahoo newsThe United States and Iran reached a prisoner exchange agreement to exchange 6 billion US dollars for 5 American prisoners|TVBS News @TVBSNEWS01 TVBS NEWSBiden’s Ridiculous Compromise or Win-Win Diplomacy?US-Iraq prisoner exchange: US$5.9 billion in exchange for 5 US citizens udn corner international5 Americans released from Iran in $6 billion prisoner exchange program Yahoo news200 billion in funds were unfrozen! The United States and Iran reached a historic prisoner exchange, and Iran received an additional 200 billion in US funds. Could the unfreeze and prisoner exchange be a way for Iran to make money? The United States: Qatar supervision. The Iranian authorities cannot abuse | Reporter Huang Yuxuan |[International Situation]20230919 | Sanli iNEWS Sanli iNEWSGo to Google News for the full story
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