The United States commemorates half a million with Covid-19 deaths / Day

As US President Joe Biden noted in his speech at the White House memorial service on Monday, the number of Americans who died with Covid-19 is higher than the number of Americans who died in both World Wars and the Vietnam War combined.

In Washington, the bells of the National Cathedral rang 500 times, each commemorating the thousands of Americans who died during the pandemic.

100 thousand per month

100,000 of them lost their lives in the last month alone. On January 19, the day before taking office, Biden commemorated 400,000 lives lost during the pandemic in a special event.

“As a nation, we cannot simply accept such an evil destiny. Although we have been fighting this pandemic for so long, we must resist becoming insensitive to such woes. We must resist perceiving each other’s lives as a number in statistics. So today I call on Americans to remember. Remembering those we have lost and those we have neglected, ” said Biden in a ceremony at the White House, calling on all Americans to fight Covid-19 together.

He also noted that his own path through sadness and sorrow has allowed him to find a goal. It was a reference to the grief he had once experienced. His wife and daughter died in a car accident in 1972, and one of his sons died of a brain tumor in 2015.

Biden’s approach to controlling the coronavirus pandemic differs significantly from that of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Trump has long questioned the danger of the virus, and calls for wearing face masks and other restrictions to reduce the spread of the virus have been called political action by opponents. The Baiden administration has made health and economic support measures to combat the pandemic a White House priority.

New types are threatened

The number of Americans who died of Covid-19 – 500,310 – is the highest in the world, according to data compiled by Jones Hopkins University on Tuesday. Followed by Brazil with 247 thousand dead, Mexico (180 thousand), India (156 thousand), Great Britain (120 thousand), Italy (95 thousand). Together, the number of deaths in the world with Covid-19 is approaching 2.5 million.

The United States ranks ninth in the world after San Marino (213.11), Belgium, Slovenia, Great Britain (181.7), the Czech Republic (180.83), and Italy (158) in terms of the number of deaths per 100,000 population – 152.49 – , 39), Portugal and Montenegro. In Latvia, this indicator is 80.04.

The average number of deaths with Covid-19 per day in the United States over the past seven days is around two thousand. The Guardian notes that in the first year of the pandemic, more people died of Covid-19 in the United States than in the normal year, dying of respiratory illnesses, being shot and dying in car accidents.

In October, researchers at the University of Washington warned that by the end of February this year, the number of deaths with Covid-19 will reach half a million. They now predict that 616 thousand people will die in the United States on June 1 with Covid-19.

Biden Chief Medical Adviser Anthony Fauch in an interview Reuters warned this week that the emergence of new strains of coronavirus, particularly those in South Africa and Brazil, which are undermining immunity and the effectiveness of vaccines, still fails to predict when Americans will be able to leave the pandemic behind. It is possible that normal life could return around Christmas.

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