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The United States delivers 20 armored vehicles to Colombia to carry out military operations in the border area


3 dic 2021 12:21 GMT

This is the first batch of 145 armored vehicles that the Southern Command assigned to Colombian territory to “face threats and achieve common objectives.”

The US Government delivered 20 armored off-road vehicles to Colombia, as part of the agreement that country maintains with the Southern Command, to carry out military operations and maneuvers in the department of La Guajira, bordering Venezuela.

The event, where the Colombian Defense Minister, Diego Molano, and the US ambassador in Bogotá, Philip Seth Goldberg, among other authorities, took part in the Buenavista Military Fort, in the department of La Guajira.

These first 20 ASV M1117 type vehicles, which were received by the Colombian Army, are part of the first batch of 145 that will be distributed to tactical units in the border areas.

The Colombian Defense Minister affirmed that with these armor, the Public Force will strengthen border control operations and fight against drug trafficking. “This represents democracy and safe productive developments for the country,” he said.

For Molano, “a more secure democracy means a protected economy and lives saved throughout this border area.”

Similarly, he added that the vehicles will allow control illegal activities at the border such as the trafficking of explosives, arms and ammunition. “This transfer will contribute to the protection and security of the Colombian state,” he added.

“Shoulder to shoulder”

For his part, the US ambassador said that this donation made by his country “is just one of the many examples of how the US Government stands shoulder to shoulder with that of Colombia, to strengthen military capabilities, face threats and achieve common goals“.

As explained by Second Lieutenant Jeimy Rincón, in an institutional video of the Army, the M1117 ASVs are armored, high-tech, with interoperability, firepower, high mobility and off-road vehicles.

The armored vehicles will be used to “support maneuvering and mobility tasks” in the border sectors because they are manufactured “to allow rapid access to inhospitable territories,” according to Major William Arévalo in the audiovisual register.

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