The United States has already vaccinated more than 50 million people against COVID-19

A person is vaccinated against covid-19 in Los Angeles (California, USA)

The United States has exceeded 50 million vaccinations this Friday, according to the count carried out by the US agency Bloomberg, which specifies that 36.8 million have received one dose, while 12.8 million the two that guarantee immunity.

In addition, in the last week, the average daily vaccinations has stood at 1.7 million, above the goal set by the country’s new president, Joe Biden, of injecting 1.5 million daily vaccines in its first 100 days mandate.

The increasing rate of vaccination has been joined by a decrease in daily cases that has given some relief in the country most affected by the pandemic in the world with 27.4 million infections and 480,567 deaths.

With the goal of continuing to vaccinate non-priority groups in sight, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has announced that another 20 military teams will join the vaccination across the country.

Half of the groups will be made up of 222 people, while the other half will be of groups with 139 troops.


The White House has spoken in favor of the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and has asked Congress to approve the economic stimulus package of 1.9 trillion dollars (1.56 million euros) in order to safely reopen schools.

“We have sacrificed so much this past year, but science tells us that if we support our children, educators, and communities with the resources they need, we can have children safely back to school in more places around the country.”, Biden said in a statement.

Florida peasants urge governor to include them in vaccination
Florida Peasants Urge Governor To Include In Vaccination

The president has ensured that, as soon as the Senate confirms his Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, he will order him to implement a plan that will include the hiring of teachers, smaller classes and more transportation to take children to school. in a safe way.

In opposition to the school reopening plan, the possibility of requiring PCR testing on domestic flights that cross the United States has been ruled out by White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki, assuring that it is not a measure recommended by CDC scientists.


The governor of Montana, Greg Gianforte, has withdrawn the obligation to wear a mask this Saturday as he promised in the election campaign after considering that the state had made sufficient progress in vaccinating priority groups, according to ‘The Hill’.

“We will emphasize personal responsibility over obligations”, has pointed out. He has also ensured that he will continue to wear masks.

Another state that has relaxed its restrictions in Minnesota that has increased the maximum capacity in restaurants, events, gyms and swimming pools.

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The US CDC indicated that there is strong evidence that reopening schools can be done safely

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