The United States in a health emergency faced with the worrying acceleration of Covid-19 cases

The United States faces a health emergency. They exceeded the threshold of 19 million identified cases of Covid-19 on Sunday, according to Johns Hopkins University, or one million new infections in less than a week. They are still the most affected country in terms of both deaths and cases. This grim new threshold is crossed just six days after the United States surpassed 18 million cases. They also list a total of 333,069 deaths linked to the virus.

The country is facing a dramatic rebound in the epidemic. At least one million new cases have been identified every week since early November in the world’s largest economy. While more than a million Americans received the first dose of their Covid-19 vaccine, a milestone in the largest vaccination campaign in U.S. history, its officials admitted it was taking late. And vaccines will not mitigate the current rise in the number of cases.

The famous American immunologist Anthony Fauci has said he fears that the worst of the pandemic in the United States is yet to come, following the end of the year celebrations. “I share President-elect Biden’s concern that it could get worse over the next few weeks,” he said on CNN on Sunday, saying he feared a “rise on top of the hike” already experienced by United States.

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Pressure on the hospital system

Already a member of President Donald Trump’s crisis staff and appointed adviser by his successor Joe Biden, Dr. Fauci also stressed that this upsurge in cases could occur at a “very critical moment” and result in an “increase in pressure “on a hospital system already operating just in time.

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The chief medical officer of the United States, Jerome Adams, admitted Sunday to be “very worried” about this potential increase after the holidays. “Even if you have traveled (…), there are still steps you can take,” he stressed, recommending not to visit people at risk during the two weeks following the shifting.

In the week leading up to Christmas Day, about one million Americans flew on a plane every day, according to TSA, which is responsible for airport security checks.

Delays in vaccine distribution

The beginnings of a huge vaccination campaign have given Americans hope, despite delays in the distribution of the vaccine. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, whose state has so far received only a “fraction” of the doses it is supposed to receive, however admitted Sunday on CNN that with apologies from officials of the Trump administration, things were “in the right direction”.

“We are making a lot of progress but we need the federal government to play its role,” she said.


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