The United States is arming itself with a third vaccine to fight Covid-19

And three. After Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna in December, the American pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson received approval on Saturday to distribute his vaccine in the United States, where the vaccination campaign is accelerating.

“The approval of the third vaccine comes a few days after crossing the heartbreaking threshold of 500,000 deaths in the country”, relief The Daily Beast. It also comes at a time when experts warn of the recent decline in the number of Covid cases, which could cause a false sense of security and a premature relaxation of restrictions, as the new variants carry additional risks ”.

After a slow start, the vaccination campaign in the United States is accelerating day by day. CNN report what “Friday February 26, there were 2.2 million more vaccinations than the day before”, bringing the total number of doses administered since the start of the campaign to 70.5 million. “With the spread of variants, which threatens to start the number of cases on the rise, the authorities hope to speed up the virus by further increasing the rate of vaccinations”, specifies the news channel.

Johnson’s vaccine & Johnson, so far only deployed in South Africa, will prove to be a key weapon in achieving this goal. Easier to store than Moderna and Pfizer products (a classic refrigerator is enough) and formulated in a single dose (compared to two for its competitors), the newcomer is cut out for mass vaccination.

CNBC precise what “Nearly 4 million doses of Johnson’s vaccine & Johnson will be distributed next week to states, pharmacies and health centers across the country ”. This is less than the 10 million doses initially planned for the first week of deployment – the American laboratory has experienced, like many of its competitors, manufacturing delays – but the long-term delivery objectives are maintained, underline the Financial Times.

“Johnson & Johnson assured to work ‘Round the clock’ to increase its production around the world ”, writes the economic daily. “The group said it was convinced of being able to achieve its objectives in the United States, with the delivery of 100 million doses by June ”, under a billion dollar contract signed with the federal government.

Between these 100 million doses and the 600 million that Pfizer and Moderna have committed to provide by the end of July, “” There will be more than enough vaccine to immunize all Americans who want them “, observe The New York Times.

“A very good vaccine”

The only downside: the effectiveness rate of the new vaccine. Close to 95% at Pfizer and Moderna, it is overall 66% at Johnson & Johnson, and officials fear it will be shunned by some Americans seeing it as a low-quality vaccine.

Scientists assure that it is nothing and that a rate of 66% – which rises to 85% for the most serious cases of Covid – is already “impressive” in itself. To compare, “The flu vaccine for the 2014-2015 season was only 19% effective”, but the American Center for Infectious Diseases (CDC) clarified that he still allowed “To avoid 1.5 million cases and more than 740,000 medical visits or hospitalizations, and to save 4,000 lives”, explains the chain WCNC.

Asked Saturday on the subject, during a press conference, immunologist Anthony Fauci, Covid adviser to Joe Biden, swept the reserves. “Don’t get carried away by the numbers game, because this is a very good vaccine, and we need as many good vaccines as possible”, did he declare. “Accept the fact that we now have three very effective vaccines. Point”.

Gizmodo add that other vaccines could join the United States’ anti-Covid arsenal in the coming weeks. That of AstraZeneca, used in particular in the United Kingdom and in the European Union, “Will arrive on the American market in April”, thinks the site knows. “A fifth, developed by Novavax, has also completed its large-scale trials and should very soon be a candidate for authorization”.

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