The United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Canada hold the “Pacific Pioneer 2022” military exercise. The military forces of the five countries gather in the sea and air of Guam-International

The United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Canada conduct the “Pacific Pioneer 2022” military exercise in Guam. The picture shows the USS Berry launching a missile. (The picture is taken from the Twitter of the US Seventh Fleet)

2022/08/31 10:27

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]The United States has recently conducted frequent military exercises with its allies. The United States Navy, in conjunction with the Royal Australian Navy, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, the South Korean Navy and the Royal Canadian Navy, will conduct “Pacific Pioneer 2022” in Guam and surrounding waters from August 21 to 29. (Pacific Vanguard 2022) military exercise.

The U.S. Pacific Fleet issued a press release stating that the “Pacific Pioneer 2022” military exercise is hosted by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force this year, and the navies of the five countries will strengthen maritime operations, anti-submarine warfare, air combat drills, live missile firing and maritime supply skills. Through comprehensive exercises and training in challenging exercise environments, the United States and its allies are equipped to respond to changing conditions in the Indo-Pacific.

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The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force pointed out that during the military exercise, tactical training of surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare was carried out, and frigate naval gun shooting was also carried out with the goal of supporting the Marine Corps. Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Chief of Staff (Chief of Staff) Ryo Sakai said on the 30th: “In order to achieve the goal of a free and open Indo-Pacific region, we will strengthen cooperation with the navies of various countries in the future.”

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force dispatched the frigate “Izumo”, the frigate “Takaba”, the P-1 maritime patrol plane, the UP-3D maritime patrol plane and a submarine, and also dispatched the Ground Self-Defense Force to be responsible for amphibious operations. The U.S. military dispatched the ammunition cargo supply ship USS Alan Shepard, the destroyer USS Berry, the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force and several aircraft. Australia sent the frigate “Perth”, the supply ship “Supply”, and the destroyer “Sydney”. The South Korean Navy dispatched destroyers “Munmu Dawang” and “King Sejong”, and the Royal Canadian Navy was represented by the frigate “Vancouver”.

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force released photos of the sailing of warships from various countries. (The picture is taken from the official website of the Maritime Self-Defense Force)

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