the unity of the Israeli army on all fronts of the cyberwar in the Middle East

Israel has special units to defend its army, but also to counterattack.

Israel continues to strengthen its cyber defense. The country, whose cybersecurity industry accounts for nearly a third of global investments in this area in 2020, still feels vulnerable. In May 2020, a seawater desalination plant was targeted. An operation considered a warning and attributed by civilian experts to Iran. “We are not friends with Iran and we are taking all necessary measures, including in cyberspace”, comments a senior IDF officer in charge of cyber protection in the military sector. He reveals that eighteen months ago, the IDF organized an exercise by creating a “Red group” tasked with perforating Israel’s own cyber defense. “It was amazing! Our capabilities have been demolished. We had to operate without a network, without a computer and above all to understand how we could get there ”, he comments. “We need to protect our connection systems, our submarines to be operational

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