The University of Córdoba creates a regulation to promote research groups with international impact

The Governing Council of the University of Córdoba intends to promote the creation of Competitive Research Units and for this it has approved the regulations on the regulatory bases of the program for its creation. The objective of this standard is to promote research of excellence at the UCO by identifying and creating groups that stand out for their relevance and impact at the international level, strengthening their scientific capabilities. Through the creation of these internationally recognized scientific leadership units, capacities will be strengthened to contribute decisively to advance on the frontier of knowledge and generate high-impact results, as well as to attract talent, according to the UCO.

For their recognition, among other requirements, said units must have at least ten people attached to the University of Córdoba who meet or are in a position to meet the conditions of guarantor researcher established in the most recent call for applications. Units of Excellence María de Maeztu with a normalized impact parameter that is not less than that required by 30%, having published, during the five years prior to the application, at least 60% of the total production of all the researchers that make up the unit, in journals located in the first quartile of their scientific categories in their corresponding year of publication.

The recognition obtained by a Competitive Research Unit must renew every four years. Various forms of aid from the VII Galileo Plan and the Own Research Plan for 2021 have also been definitively resolved.

In addition, the The Governing Council has approved the settlement account for the year 2020. The initial budget for last year amounted to 174.69 million euros. During the year, credit modifications have been made amounting to 79.3 million, which means that the final budget reaches the figure of 254 million, with a modification percentage of 45% and an increase over the final one of 2019 (of 10.56%.

The detail of the credit modifications is due to the incorporation of remnants for an amount of 58.5 million and generations of credit for an amount of 20.8 million. Credit transfers for a net amount of 4.5 million have also been made, which do not represent an increase as they are redistributions of credits in the expense budget. If the evolution of the last ten years is analyzed, both the initial and final budgets have exceeded those of 2011, and the recognized rights, as happened in 2019, follow the line of exceeding the values ​​of ten years ago, according to assures the UCO.

Also in the economic affairs section, the Board has approved the regulation of Own Research and Transfer Projects from remnants of contracts concluded under article 83 of the Organic Law of Universities (LOU), the rates of the Patricia Unit and the budgetary distribution to centers (645,313 euros) and departments (1,538,372), in application of the formula distribution approved and included in the 2021 Budget.


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