The unusual clarification of the Penitentiary Service: the prisoners of Sierra Chica did not “escape”

2023-05-26 07:00:00

He Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service affirms that there was no “escape” in the case of the escape of prisoners from the penal unit no. 27 in saw girlsince by residing in a open regime, they were not being controlled in that condition. In this unit, to which inmates serving the last stage of their sentence with good conduct are referred, prison staff cannot be assigned to internal security and only prison guards are authorized on the perimeter.

“When the inmates broke the regime (not escape), the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service immediately alerted the Police to implement a recapture operation,” the institution reported. Matias Sanchez Honors y Cristian Sosa Mazurikwith causes of robo y homicideescaped this Wednesday while playing soccer, in a recreational activity, barely jumping over a two-wire fence and running fifty meters towards a Hilux van waiting for them outside.

“The dependencies of the open regime will have housing characteristics that guarantee an adequate level of privacy, lacking the following security measures: uniformed armed guard, perimeter walls, bars or other forms of containment”, dictates article 121 of the Law of Execution Buenos Aires Criminal.

Matías Sánchez Honores and Cristian Sosa Mazurik, the prisoners who escaped.

The sentences of the fugitives

The men spent more than four years in a strict regime and obtained the pass to this open regime unit less than a month ago. They were transferred to cell no. 1 of pavilion 2, of open sector 1 in the first week of May. The Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service has five open regime units: Olmos (Unit No. 26), Gorina (No. 12), Baradero (No. 11), Alvear (No. 14) and Sierra Chica (No. 27).

According to police sources, the inmates were identified as Matías Sánchez Honores and Cristian Sosa Mazurik. Sánchez Honores was arrested in June 2018, with a sentence of qualified homicide and attempted homicide. For his part, Sosa Mazurik was imprisoned in August 2019 for illegal possession of a firearm and aggravated robbery.

Escape of prisoners in Sierra Chica: two inmates escaped with outside support

Until now, both are still on the run and are being intensively sought by the Buenos Aires police. This Thursday, a neighbor denounced that one of them “could have wanted to enter his house”, although it has not been confirmed that they were, in fact, the fugitives from Sierra Chica.

The sentences of Sosa Mazurik and Sánchez Honores were completed in February and May of the year 2026respectively, and both they were close to being able to access parole. This prerogative is no longer available, due to the violation of their sentences.


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