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The urban community of Denain asks the state to buy the Germinal de Zola coin

The Rougon-Macquart author had adapted his novel for the stage himself. The manuscript, still in private hands, will be sold on December 8th.

The president of the agglomeration community of Porte du Hainaut (North) was moved on Monday by the auction from Tuesday of the manuscript of the play Germinal by Émile Zola, believing that he should become “a public good” and “stay in France». «The universality of this history, of the social struggles and of the human condition expressed in it, must remain public.», Aymeric Robin, the president of the agglomeration community, which includes Denain and Saint-Amand-les-Eaux said in a press release. “It indeed belongs to the thousands of families of the mining basin of Nord and Pas-de-Calais, but well beyond in the world.», Added this elected Communist.

This story “therefore cannot become the property of one person. It should not be the object of pure financial speculation but be returned to the Nation to be exhibited in a museum and be available to the greatest number of people.“, He still estimated. This work, “its cinematographic, theatrical and television adaptations“, are “the pride of children and grandchildren of minors” and of “a whole territory“. The Ministry of Culturemust mobilize to acquire it and preserve it within our national cultural heritage“, Added Aymeric Robin, indicating to have”challenged the government to this effect».

Sotheby’s Paris opens the online sale of the manuscript of the play by Germinal Tuesday and until December 8 for these 454 leaves signed by the hand of the famous naturalist novelist, between 1885 and 1887. According to Sotheby’s, it is the “last major manuscript of Émile Zola still in private hands“. Most of the writer’s manuscripts, including that of the novel, which can be consulted online, in fact belong to the National Library of France (BNF) and the rest to other institutions. This Germinal is estimated between 100,000 and 150,000 euros. The name of the seller is not revealed: Sotheby’s talks about a collector “European” who “wishes to remain anonymous“And does not say”no more on the manuscript route“. The Ministry of Culture was not immediately reachable to react to this inquiry.


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