The US adds Xiaomi to the blacklist for links with the Chinese Army

A mobile with the Xiaomi logo on a US flag

The United States Department of Defense has published this Thursday a List with Nine Chinese Companies Blacklisted as “Communist Chinese Military Companies” for being supposedly related to the People’s Liberation Army, including the tech giant Xiaomi.

This sanction, a few days after the end of the presidency of Donald Trump, prohibits any US company or investor from investing at the China-based company.

According to the Pentagon statement, the decision has been made in consequence of the United States’ goal of “highlight and counteract the development strategy of the civil-military fusion of the People’s Republic of China. “Supposedly, therefore, these nine companies that become part of the Defense Department’s blacklist would support” the modernization objectives of the People’s Liberation Army by guaranteeing its access to advanced technologies. ”

Además de Xiaomi, han sido incluidas en la lista negra Luokong Technology, Beijing Zhongguancun Development Investment Center, Grand China Air Company, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Global Tone Communication Technology, Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment, China National Aviation Holding Company y GOWIN Semiconductor Corporation.


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