world The US attorney general tells Trump that he will...

The US attorney general tells Trump that he will not be intimidated


The US Attorney General William Barr, so far a faithful ally of Donald Trump, has assured that the criticism of the president is making it “impossible” to do his job and warned that he will not be “intimidated or influenced by anyone”.

Barr He made those statements in an interview with ABC after Trump criticize the conviction request for Roger Stone, a close ex-collaborator of the president who has been convicted of seven charges for his involvement in the call russian plot.

“I will not be intimidated or influenced by anyone, be it the Congress, the editorial team of a newspaper or the president,” he said. Barr.

The criticisms of Trump “They make me impossible to do my job and I want to assure you that the courts and prosecutors of my department are doing our job with integrity,” he said.

Four prosecutors resignation

Trump has launched several attacks on Twitter against the Justice Department, led by Barr, for the Stone case, which led to the resignation of the four prosecutors in charge of that procedure on Tuesday.

Specifically, hours before the departure of these prosecutors, Trump described as “horrible and very unfair” the Department of Justice plan to ask for seven to nine years in jail for Stone.

“The real crimes were committed on the other side, and nothing happens to them. We cannot allow this error in justice!” Trump on his twitter account without explaining what crimes he meant.

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In reaction to those tweets, a few hours later, the Justice Department He updated his sentence recommendation for Stone and, although he did not specify an exact number of months or years in jail, he did affirm that the previously requested penalty “could be considered excessive and not adjusted to the circumstances.”

Democratic critics

These pressures from Trump to the Department of Justice, which in theory is independent, has provoked criticism from the president of the House of Representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

“This is an abuse of power in which the president is trying again to manipulate the application of federal legislation for his political benefit. The president is what he is: he believes he is above the law and has no respect for rules, “he said Thursday Pelosi at his weekly press conference.

The democrat He also regretted that Republicans do not “raise their voices” against the “aberration” that the interference of the president represents in judicial decisions.

A judge from the District of Columbia is expected to pass sentence against Stone next week.



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