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The US Congress lifts the veil on the assault on the Capitol

A Trump supporter during the assault on the Capitol. / AFP

The investigative committee will hold public hearings from 2022 to present the full account of the attack on January 6.

The committee of the House of Representatives investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol will begin to hold public hearings starting next year with the aim of establishing before the public opinion the account of the truth of the events.

The committee’s methodical and exhaustive closed-door investigative work this year has managed to gather a massive amount of information that reveals much of the extensive political and financial fabric behind the insurrection and the coup attempt by former President Trump.

The panel has carried out work that includes interviews with more than 300 witnesses, more than 50 subpoenas and obtaining more than 35,000 pages of records, as well as hundreds of leads offered by telephone by individuals. The recent publication of some of the text messages that Republican congressmen sent to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows during the attack, has generated a media frenzy whose public pressure has led to even greater revelations.

The committee now plans to produce a full account of the assault. It also includes recommending to the Justice Department the indictment of charges against individuals, including former President Trump himself. There is also a will to shield the electoral process with the adoption of legislative proposals that prevent reversing or annulling the results of the elections in the future, particularly in the certification phase by Congress.

Trump and the Republican leaders opposed to the investigation maintain a blocking front to the committee’s requirements, with the strategy of sabotaging and delaying as much as possible the investigations of a plot that reveals more and more clearly their own involvement in the events. They hope to buy time until the midterm elections in November 2022, in which they also aspire to regain control of the Chamber, and with it, suspend the investigation.

Confidential information

Suppression efforts have endowed the committee with a sense of urgency that recognizes the need to make public the massive information collected, much of which remains confidential.

Among the more liberal critics of the investigation, many question the inaction of the Department of Justice and the attorney general for not initiating federal investigations into those allegedly implicated, many of them members of Congress and prominent Republicans. The absence of the FBI in support of the cpmité is also ugly, since it seems to be disconnected from a process that falls within its jurisdiction.

The committee’s work schedule includes public appearances with key witnesses beginning this winter through spring, which will be followed by the release of an interim report in the summer, and the final report before the November elections.


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