The US government tightens the definition of astronauts and space travelers may not have this title-Hong

Being able to explore space in person, in addition to being a rather enviable experience, astronaut is also a respected title. The U.S. government has recently tightened the definition of “astronaut”, requiring sufficient training and contributions to get the title.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently issued new rules to be recognized as “Commercial Space Astronaut Wings” (Commercial Space Astronaut Wings). There will be stricter restrictions, including obtaining sufficient pilot qualifications and training. , And then fly over the “Karman Line” (approximately 80 kilometers above the ground), the boundary between outer space and the Earth’s atmosphere during a certified launch mission, and the activities during this period are necessary for public safety or the safety of human space travel. It is a contribution worthy of special recognition to commercial human space tourism.

Two billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos have completed their space journeys, but according to the new regulations, they may not be able to meet the requirements. According to the FAA, this new rule is to fulfill their responsibilities in protecting the public safety of commercial space flight.


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