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The US urges Russia to seek a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian crisis

  • Blinken meets with Lavrov and urges him to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the former Soviet republic

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blink, has reiterated this Thursday to Moscow of the “serious consequences“that would have a Russian invasion of Ukraine and has urged you to find a diplomatic departure to the crisis. On this occasion, Blinken has passed the warning directly to its Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, with whom he has met in Stockholm, in a meeting on the margins of the annual ministerial meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

“We ask Russia to respect the sovereignty and the territorial integrity Ukraine and to bring its forces back to normal and peaceful positions, “said the Secretary of State during his speech at the OSCE meeting, while being” very concerned “by the” evidence “that suggests that Moscow plans an “aggression” against Kiev.

The new warning comes a day after Blinken himself, during the meeting of NATO foreign ministers, declared that Washington is prepared to respond decisively, including harsh financial penalties, in the event of a Russian attack.

“The best way to avoid the crisis is by diplomacy and this is what I hope to discuss with Sergei, “the secretary of state told reporters before meeting Lavrov. In his opinion, Russia and Ukraine must fully implement their obligations arising from the 2014 Minsk peace process designed to end to war between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian government forces in the east of the former Soviet republic. “If Russia decides to continue the confrontation, there will be serious consequences,” Blinken added.

“No conflict”

Lavrov, for his part, assured that Russia does not want “any conflict” and called on the US to cooperate with Moscow in resolving the crisis.

The Russian leader stressed that the international situation is, “indeed, very tense“and that” the only way out “, in his opinion,” is to look for a balance of interests“.” We are interested in joining forces for the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. Our American colleagues have said more than once that they want to help, without breaking the Normandy format (Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany), re-establishing a channel of dialogue that already existed during the previous Administration. We are ready for them, “he added.

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Lavrov also showed his misgivings about NATO expansion. “A new expansion of NATO to the east will affect without any harsh the fundamental interests of our security,” he said.

Speaking at the annual OSCE ministerial meeting, Lavrov warned that “the architecture of strategic stability is rapidly crumbling” and accused NATO of refusing to constructively study “proposals for de-escalation of the tension and to prevent dangerous incidents. ” In his opinion, the objective of the Atlantic Alliance is to turn Russia’s neighboring countries “into a platform for confrontation” against Moscow.


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  1. great that the focus seems to be no conflict that afects directly the people.
    I always stay afraid of the political cenarium of the world because if it takes a war i prefer to be dead.


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