The USB Type-C 2.1 specification has been released with major improvements and can provide up to 240W of power | XFastest News

You are about to witness a new era of power transmission via USB, because you may have to say goodbye to power banks or different plugs, because the new USB TYPE-C version has just been released and it has some interesting improvements, one of which is USB Type-C Will soon be able to provide up to 240W of power. In short, it is enough to power your gaming laptop and any other electronic devices you own.

All this is due to the new USB Type-C 2.1 revision, of course the biggest change is the 240W specification upgrade we have witnessed. Previously Type-C connectors were limited to providing 20V at 5A, which means they cannot exceed 100W.

For a standard laptop or your flagship smartphone, even 100W is impressive, but if you are looking for a modern gaming laptop with an overclocked CPU or desktop GPU, then 100W is not enough for it Keep it turned on for a long time. The new USB Type-C version allows you to support up to 48V switching at 5A, resulting in a peak power of 240W, which means that all your laptop needs can be powered by a USB cable that will soon become popular. This optional power supply upgrade does require a new extended power range (EPR) cable, not the standard power range SPR cable that we can use now.

This does mean that SPR wire will soon be replaced by EPR wire. But at the same time we must understand the fact that devices that do not require that much power may still continue to use standard USB Type-C cables available on the market.


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