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Since he arrived on Mexican television in 1998 and until his departure from in 2010, the Venezuelan actress She had had significant success when talking about soap operas, participating in different productions such as “Todo por tu amor”, “María Celeste”, “Morena Clara” and, for her best known role, in “La usurpadora”.

However, with its passage through from the 2011, his fame began to diminish enormously, so much that six years ago he did not participate in a soap opera. It was in the 2020 that his luck changed, when an unexpected fate opened the doors to continue on television: Hungary.

She was invited to participate in the program of ““In the country of European Union for a season. Spanic was revealed as one of the contestants and participated in a first gala dancing “Hips don’t lie” of Shakira, provoking the ovation of the spectators who saw the show from their homes and in the live booth.

As it was expected, had to travel to Hungary to be able to participate in the program, but instead of just staying in a hotel as long as her stage presence lasted, she decided acquire a property to make your instance more comfortable. This is the house in which he has spent the last few months.


Although it is impossible to track the live broadcast of “” since Mexico, thanks to the program’s social networks, Gaby and the chain itself, it has been possible to find out that the actress is one of the favorites of the program, as well as the luxurious house that she bought in Hungary.

It is nothing less than a full duplex with a minimalist design, as can be seen in a video uploaded by . This would be a fragment of the program, when the same Gaby She invited the cameras to spend a day with her at her home admitting that she loves to cook.

Gaby Spanic took a lot of time out of her days rehearsing and practicing (Photo: Instagram)
Gaby Spanic took a lot of time out of her days rehearsing and practicing (Photo: Instagram)

Enter your home, which appears to be in the height of a building, to the left are your stairs with a spacious living room. On the right side of the exit door, there appears to be a guest bathroom and in the final space, with a great outside view, is your kitchen-dining room, where she spends her time with her favorite hobby.

He White predominates at home, with light touches of dark brown for your shelves and lamps, as well as the chairs you use in your dining room and its furniture. The stairs to his second floor are made of glass and, unfortunately for his fans, he did not show what would be his main room and any other details of his new home.

Gaby Spanic looks happy in her new duplex in Hungary (Photo: Instagram)
Gaby Spanic looks happy in her new duplex in Hungary (Photo: Instagram)

In the video Gaby Spanic makes a summary of his day to day participating in the program: gets up early in the morning, does some activity (on that day he did a massage), comes home to Cook some lunch and prepares to teach in the television studios. At night, she returns home only to rest and repeat her whole routine.

Although it was somewhat tiring for her to practice every day, her effort has paid off and she has been profiled throughout her time on the show as one of the favorites, but unfortunately she could not be the maximum winner of the final gala of the program. Anyway, now he has a lot of friends there and a beautiful home if you decide to stay or return to your residence in Mexico.

Gaby Spanic was one of the program's favorites in Hungary (Photo: Instagram)
Gaby Spanic was one of the program’s favorites in Hungary (Photo: Instagram)


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