The vaccination of teaching staff in Cordoba will begin next weekend – Local News

The Counselor of Education and Sports, Javier Imbroda, explained yesterday to the media, during his visit to the capital, that his council is waiting for Health indicate how and when to proceed with the vaccination of staff and not teaching against him coronavirusAlthough, as announced by the Minister of the Presidency, Elías Bendodo, the operation has already started in Jaén and Granada. The inoculation of the serum will be done independently of the mutual that the teachers have and whether they work in the public, concerted or private. As this newspaper has learned, teachers have already begun to be informed that during this Friday and Saturday the administration of the first dose of AstraZeneca in the Vistalegre pavilion.

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In this sense, CSIF Córdoba has urged the administration, both educational and sanitary, to establish a schedule for priority vaccination also for teaching staff over 55 years of age, made up of 1,962 professionals in Córdoba (around 20% of the total workforce), who, for the moment, according to current recommendations, cannot be vaccinated with AstraZeneca serum, which will begin to be administered in the next few days at younger faculty. This has been stated by the person in charge of CSIF Educationn Córdoba, Elena García, who underlines that «now that fortunately the youngest teachers are beginning to be vaccinated, the Board must also seek a solution for the group over 55 to be immunized as soon as possible, so that it is established when and how the vaccine will be given. CSIF is receiving a multitude of inquiries regarding the process, which is why it has referred a battery of questions to the vice-council, for which it demands a prompt response.

For its part, the teaching sector of UGT reported that the vaccination it will preferably take place during non-school hours.


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