“The vaccines are good, now we have to put the turbo on for the vaccination!”

Thomas Orban, general practitioner and president of the Scientific Society of General Medicine, was Thomas Gadisseux’s guest this Tuesday in Matin Première.

A guest who, on behalf of general practitioners in Belgium, is present! And above all, always ready: “It is necessary to put the turbo for the vaccination“, he pleads,”and no longer procrastinate. There are vaccines which are very, very good and vaccines which are very good. And they are quite effective for what is expected of them, which is to say to avoid hospitalizations and to avoid deaths “.

Doctors are number one in the trust capital of Belgians

“We must congratulate all my colleagues for the honor bestowed on them by the Belgian population”. And Thomas Orban, to remind that general practitioners, are there and there: “Vaccines, we do it every day. We are ready! Our patients trust us, we know them, we provide them with personalized care … In short, it is not complicated to finally involve general practitioners in the vaccination campaign.

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Their voice must still be heard and there, Thomas Orban admits not to understand: “We tried to join the Vaccination Task Force, but we were told no. “

We were inundated with unnecessary tasks!

But weren’t there signals that we were asking “too much” of general practitioners, during the testing phase in particular? “We were inundated with unnecessary tasks ! “We were made to make e-forms, certificates, which could be made by other people, that’s what we refused, we never refused to provide care on the contrary!”.

Do GPs themselves adhere to vaccination? “AT 92% ratio “, answers Thomas Orban. Some of the doctors have also already been vaccinated, with the residual doses, when they came to a nursing home to vaccinate the residents.

Lack of communication

What is Thomas Orban’s overall view of the vaccination campaign? “I deplore the lack of communication, but also the rigidity in the discussions, and then, we did it too late!

Why that slow start in the countryside ? I don’t know… “C‘is the Belgian-style Rubik’s-cube. Too many people have things to say. Almost a year ago, we said we need a single communication. Now we say the vaccines are good, do them! ” In general practitioners, in any case, we can easily vaccinate with the AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines. And Thomas Orban stresses that no, it is not complicated, neither to deliver the doses, nor to organize this vaccination.

Confidential medical information

How to identify people with comorbidities, who could be vaccinated soon, how to manage the database? TheAbsym, a doctors’ union appealed to the State Council on the grounds that the procedure for identifying these at-risk patients violates medical confidentiality.

On the side of the Scientific Society of General Medicine, Doctor Orban underlines that medical confidentiality, “it is not trivial. We can’t overdo it. All the doctors have said that we need a guarantee that this medical confidentiality is respected. We also need guarantees at the level of the GDPR and we need ethical guarantees. “All boxes must be checked “

And if the co-leader of the Vaccination Task Force, Sabine Stordeur said that he regretted the Absym approach, Thomas Orban for his part replied “we are working in a pandemic to try to vaccinate everyone. We must not regret. We must invite people to talk together and if general practitioners had been invited to the vaccination task force, we would not be there today “.

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