The Valencian poet Francisco Brines wins the Cervantes Prize 2020

Franciso Brines (Oliva, 1932), has received the Cervantes 2020 Prize awarded by the Ministry of Culture in recognition of his career. The poet has won an award considered the most prestigious of Castilian letters, and which is endowed with 125,000 euros. It is not the first great recognition that the Valencian author receives, which he already collected in 1986 the National Literature Prize awarded by the Ministry of Culture. His published works include titles such as ‘El otoño de las rosas’, ‘La última costa’, ‘Para quemar la noche’ and ‘Entre dos nadas’. Brines succeeds Joan Margarit, last year’s winner, who has been part of the jury this year. The ceremony will be held on April 23, 2021.

The jury noted that the poetic work of Brines “it goes from the carnal and purely human to the metaphysical, spiritual, to an aspiration of beauty and immortality.”

The announcement of the Cervantes Prize 2020 this was done this Monday by the Minister of Culture, Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes. The jury of the award, granted by this ministry, is made up of a member of the SAR, the last two winners of the award, a member of the Spanish language academies of America and the Philippines, two representatives of cultural journalism proposed by the associations of the press, the director of the Instituto Cevantes, Luis García Montero, and the minister Rodríguez Uribes himself.

Franciso Brines is part of the second generation of the post-war period and belonged to the group known as the ‘Generation of the 50’, although he did not delve into social poetry. Member of the Real Academia de las Letras (RAE), his most outstanding works are ‘El otoño de las rosas’,’ La última cosa ‘,’ Las brasas’, ‘Yo reposo en la luz’, ‘Para quemar la noche ‘,’ Cloudy Garden ‘and’ Between Two Nothing ‘.

Valencian thus becomes part of the select group of authors in Spanish who have received the Cervantes since its institution in 1974, among which are Rafael Alberti, Octavio Paz, María Zambrano, Miguel Delibes, Ana María Matute, Eduardo Mendoza and, most recently, Joan Margarit (2019).

Precisely, the award ceremony for the 2019 Cervantes Prize, awarded to the Catalan writer, should also have been held on April 23 this year – as the tradition of the award dictates – but because of the health crisis the act was postponed and has not yet been held.


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