The Venezuelan opposition will attend the regional and local elections in November

Juan Guaidó, president in charge of Venezuela

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Juan Guaidó, president in charge of Venezuela

The Venezuelan opposition, including the sector led by Juan Guaidó, announced on Tuesday that will stand for regional and local elections to be held on November 21, after refusing to participate in the legislatures last December for considering them a “fraud.”

“We announce to the national and international community our participation in the regional and municipal process of November 21, 2021, with the card of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD) “, reads a statement from the Unitary Platform read by Marianela Anzola, a member of the opposition party Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT).

Anzola was accompanied by several opposition leaders such as Henrique Ramos Allup, leader of the social democratic party Acción Democrática (AD), or Tomás Guanipa, from Primero Justicia (PJ), an organization of which the two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles is a member.

On June 29, the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela authorized the MUD coalition – disabled since 2018 – which has already brought together a large part of the anti-Chavistas and won the 2015 legislative elections.

The MUD is the largest coalition that has made up the opposition to the Government of Nicolás Maduro and it brought together traditional parties such as AD or PJ, as well as Popular Will (VP) of the opposition Leopoldo López and in which Juan Guaidó, or UNT, also defined as a social democrat, played for almost his entire career.

It was also integrated by other smaller ones such as La Causa R and Bandera Roja.

The platform made the decision to run for the November elections “after an extensive and difficult internal deliberation process that had the participation of local, regional and national leaders.”

“We are moved by the difficult situation our country is going through, the sense of urgency to find permanent solutions to our sufferings and the purpose of strengthening unity,” they assured.

The elections will not be “fair or conventional”

They explained that the elections will not be “fair or conventional”, since there are “serious obstacles that put at risk the expression of change of the Venezuelan people.”

“Nevertheless, we understand that they will be a useful fighting ground to strengthen citizens and promote the true solution to the serious crisis in our country: free presidential and legislative elections, “they highlighted.

For this reason, they consider that it is an opportunity to organize, mobilize and strengthen themselves “in the service of the democratic reinstitutionalization of Venezuela.”

The decision to go to the polls “complements the efforts being made in Mexico”, where the government and the opposition began a negotiation “and aim for a peaceful and negotiated solution.”

Capriles had already shown his support to go to the polls on November 21, although Guaidó had shown reluctance in this regard.

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