The Venezuelan Prosecutor’s Office detains a Colombian doctor for reselling medicines for COVID-19

CARACAS (Sputnik) – A Colombian doctor and his alleged accomplice were arrested in Venezuela, accused of reselling free medicines to treat the symptoms of COVID-19.

“A medical professional of Colombian nationality, committed a malicious crime (…), people who do not understand what professional ethics is, and take advantage of people who are between life and death (…) in the face of such a disease cruel like the COVID-19, and is dedicated along with other accomplices to sell medicines, “said Attorney General Tarek William Saab.

The official described as unusual that the Colombian Foreign Ministry intends to defend the doctor Antonio José Amell Castillo, and brand his arbitrary detention, after the evidence that proves his participation in an alleged network dedicated to profiting from the sale of medicines distributed in hospitals for free.

“It is unusual for a foreign ministry to come out in defense of the subject, that we are even going to investigate how he got here, he could be a double agent, he could be infiltrated to cause that type of damage, that could not be ruled out,” he added.

Amell, who worked as a resident of internal medicine in the Enrique Tejera Hospital City of Carabobo state (north), explained the prosecutor, was dedicated to attracting relatives and after assuring them that the hospital did not have the necessary medical supplies, he offered them up to 800 dollars each vial of Remdesivir.

Saab indicated that 55 containers of lyophilized powder to dilute, 132 vials and 15 containers of physiological solution produced for hospital use exclusively in Colombia were found in the doctor’s house.

In addition, she was arrested Francis Margarita Aguiar Salazar, indicated as his accomplice, and who works in a store near the hospital, where spreadsheets and document forms were seized; which were used in the administration of medical services of the referred health center.

The prosecutor indicated that Amell is charged with concussion, extractive smuggling and association to commit a crime, and Francis Aguiar with the crimes of forging public documents, extraction contraband and association to commit a crime.

For its part, the Colombian Foreign Ministry rejected the arrest of the doctor and demanded full respect for his life and physical integrity.

Detention of people who charged to enter the country

In addition, the Venezuelan Attorney General’s Office reported that it detained 12 individuals accused of integrating a red criminal that charged up to $ 1,800 to citizens for transfers from the US city of Miami to the Caribbean nation, circumventing the restrictions that were established since March to enter the country.

“On September 5, 12 members of a criminal organization were arrested in flagrante delicto by officials of the Bolivarian National Guard that (…) for an amount of 1,800 dollars, transferred people from Miami to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” said Tarek William Saab.

The official explained that these people carried out promotions through social networks, in which they offered a travel package that included: accommodation, transfers, food, safe conducts and rapid COVID-19 tests.

Since March, commercial flights are suspended in Venezuela and entry is only admitted by humanitarian air transfers, or across land borders, but before returning to their homes, people must comply with a mandatory quarantine for 17 days in centers provided by the Government.

According to what the prosecutor indicated, these people offered the transfer from the United States to Brazil, spending a night in the city of Boa Vista, in the Brazilian state of Roraima, and later entering Venezuela without complying with the mandatory quarantine requirement.

“The detainees are Daysi Blanco, Yani Rosabal, Alejandro Morero, Delvis Chacaren, Natacha Lezama, Argentina Álvarez, Juvenal Valenio, Sixto Pereira, Osmel Gusti, Leonel Rivas, Elio Mejías, Anieli Rodríguez,” said Saab.

Among those apprehended are four officials between doctors and workers from the Santa Elena de Uairén mayor’s office, in the south of Bolívar state (south), who are charged with the crimes of own corruption, illegal obtaining of profit, illegal human trafficking and association to commit a crime.


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