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“The very existence of the euro called into question according to the Nordéa bank”. Charles SANNAT’s editorial

by archyde

My dear impertinents, dear impertinents,

The existence of the Euro could be “questioned” in the face of its fall, according to an analysis by the Nordea bank quoted by Investing.com (source here) !

This is enough to shudder and frighten the housewife under 50 who will never be informed by the news of the 8 p.m. news whose function is no longer so much to inform as to participate in the management of the social stability of the masses. !

This is what Nordea bank says in its note published the day before yesterday:

“Europe has recently been the epicenter of a perfect storm in energy markets. The energy price shock has and will continue to have an impact on the industrial sector, resulting in a negative terms of trade shock for the Eurozone. Goods that were previously produced in Europe will now have to be imported from foreign countries where energy prices have not risen as much as in Europe. The deterioration in the terms of trade pleads in favor of a weaker euro. »

“Political fragmentation in Europe has increased with political parties away from the center winning elections – look at Italy and Sweden,” explained Nordeau, who warned that “the euro is a political project and if the politicians of the EU suddenly no longer get along, then we could see the existence of the euro thrown into question – as it did during the euro crisis of 2010”.

Finally, regarding Nordea’s shorter-term outlook, the bank noted that a break of the Euro Dollar below the 0.95 threshold would set the stage for a quick dip towards 0.90.

You must understand that no European industrial company can be profitable with energy prices multiplied by 50. This means the end of the bulk of German industry, shortages, mass unemployment, but also unprecedented social difficulties. Finally, it is an abysmal trade deficit since all that we will no longer be able to produce will come even more from China or the United States, which will permanently weaken the euro.

Political tensions will end up becoming so strong between the countries of the euro zone that the risk of fragmentation will grow and that was predictable. It is in this very tense context that Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB, gave us an exit that was not really reassuring for the markets!

The ECB is not in the business of correcting domestic policy mistakes, says Lagarde

In this dispatch from the Reuters Agency taken up by the site Boursorama.com ici Christine Lagarde said that “the European Central Bank (ECB) will not activate its new anti-fragmentation tool IPT (Transmission Protection Instrument) to alleviate member states’ borrowing costs if these rise due to domestic policy errors”.

Clearly if Draghi had brought calm by saying the ECB will do whatever it takes to make the euro irreversible and believe me that will be enough, Christine Lagarde, she has just created mistrust by saying the opposite! No, the ECB’s aid will not be unconditional! Conclusion ? If we don’t do everything right then that means we won’t do enough!

Finally Christine Lagarde also said that ” additional measures may be necessary if inflation does not fall back to around 2% when interest rates have reached the so-called “neutral” level, that which neither stimulates nor slows down the economy.

We are going to continue for a few more months in this deadly, warlike policy with a belligerent European Commission.

At this rate, the European peoples, terrified will quickly discover that Europe is misery and war.

Central banks are truly on the attack. They have a very clear strategy that they’re rolling out, and it’s not for our good no matter what. Besides, they dare not say so, since they even explain that they will raise unemployment to kill inflation!

It is to help you understand what they do, what they are going to do and how to use it to your advantage that I devote to this essential subject the STRATEGIES Dossier of the month of September entitled “Central banks are attacking you, turn their strategy in your favor”. Central bank policy is the key to your wealth management for the next 24 months. If you understand what they are going to do, then you will literally be able to turn those monetary policies in your favour. This is the most important point to understand. Don’t miss the essentials. To subscribe all information can be found here. (Any subscription for the next 12 months also gives access to all the files already published, i.e. more than 80 documents and hundreds of pages of analyzes and advice allowing you to put things into perspective).

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves !

Charles SANNAT

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