The very real battle of virtual helmets

The Pico 4 is a wireless, standalone model that does not require a connection to a PC to operate. Pico

TEST – As the amazing Pico 4 comes to compete with Meta’s Quest 2, we immersed ourselves in a fascinating and addictive universe.

The drones circle around us without interruption, sending us salvoes of missiles of the most beautiful effect. Standing out from the background with their intense yellow color, they take on a very special dimension thanks to the use of 3D in relief. All we have to do is move or contort ourselves to avoid them with agility, before sending back a dump of ammunition capable of destroying our enemy’s warlike desires. After thirty minutes of bitter fighting, we take off our helmets, out of breath and sweating. The return to the real world promises to be a saving break to recharge our batteries. Before going back…

We extensively tested the Space Pirate Trainer game on the Pico 4 virtual reality headset from the Chinese Pico (€429 with 128 GB of memory). It’s a lightweight model (295g), has a pancake (flat) lens and a 4K+ resolution display (2160 x 2160 pixels per eye, 90Hz refresh rate). Thanks to its two lenses placed…

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