“The victims (of El Mozote) deserve much more from their government,” says US congressman | News from El Salvador

Eliot Engel, a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives, said this morning that the victims of the El Mozote massacre deserve much more from his government

These statements, given by the leader of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the lower house of the US Congress, are given a day after Nayib Bukele arrived in El Mozote and in front of the victims he downplayed the abuses of the armed conflict and the importance of the Peace Accords, which ended the war and the politicization of the country’s security forces.

Engel’s words were added to the message of fellow congressman Jim McGovern, who condemned Bukele’s attack on David Morales, defender of human rights and the victims of the worst massacre of the armed conflict, which in December 1981 claimed the life of close to 1,000 people.

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“If Nayib Bukele really wants to show that he is with the victims and with justice, he should give Judge Guzmán access to the military files, as required by a court order. That would be a significant act, ”added McGovern.

And he added that “it is a pity that (President Nayib Bukele) used that nationally televised speech to attack the human rights defender and main lawyer for the victims in the judicial case of the massacre (of 1981).”

At the time, Bukele offered to open the military archives of the armed conflict “from A to Z”. The reality, however, has been diametrically different.

The president who “promised to turn the page on the armed conflict” has consented to the Ministry of Defense blocking an inspection of the military archives.

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This inspection by San Francisco Gotera Judge Jorge Guzmán, protected by a court order, was prevented by the military on numerous occasions this year, and President Bukele endorsed and justified this act of contempt and disobedience.

Both Engel and McGovern join multiple local voices, mostly human rights defenders, who summon President Bukele for downplaying the victims, the right to the truth and for using the situation in El Mozote to proselytize and to promote keep ranting against your political rivals.

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