The video of her sagging clothes made a scene, Melda Rosita cried all day


Melda Rosita made a scene after circulating the video of the sagging clothes. Because of that, this sexy model was embarrassed.

Melda Rosita cried all day when videos of her sagging clothes spread from Instagram to WhatsApp. But now the woman of Javanese and Kalimantan descent is facing her problem more patiently.

“I cried all day long when I got the viral video news. Now I am more patient and I want to go viral,” Melda said when talking with detikcom, Sunday (10/1/2021).

Melda Rosita also received various responses from netizens. There are those who sneer, but there are also those who provide support.

“There are those who bully me, there are those who support me. The ones who bully me are the most netizens I don’t know,” said Melda.

For the incident of his sagging shirt which was viral, Melda Rosita instantly change hair color. The 23-year-old woman is ready to return to Jakarta after the problem has subsided.

“I felt embarrassed so immediately changed my hair color,” said Melda.

Melda Rosita was previously busy talking about after a video of sagging clothes circulated. At that time, he was in the Nusa Penida area, Bali, and was about to climb the stairs to the vacation spot.

At that Melda Rosita her shirt sagged. As a result, one breast is clearly visible.

Melda Rosita has taken steps regarding video distribution slide down clothes. He has already reported a photographer with the initials UR regarding the person who recorded and spread the first time.

“A Balinese photographer recorded without my permission. There I did not know that he was videoin me. His job should only be to take a photo of me. But instead his hand was ignorant,” said Melda.

Melda Rosita have also warned netizens who are still distributing videos of their sagging clothes. He did not hesitate to report them to the authorities.

“For those of you who are still spreading the viral video, it’s better to take a takedown than it spreads to you! Stop posting. I’m tired of having to reply to your chat. I’m not playing with this case,” he wrote on Instagram Story.

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