The video of the girl who fell asleep during the live went viral, she got five thousand rupees in one sleep women falls asleep during video live

So.This is the age of shell media influencers. We see a lot of people out there giving advice and solutions to anything. Many of them are handmaidens. But have you ever heard of people who fall asleep during live streaming like this? The victim is ET, a Taiwanese social media influencer.

The young woman accidentally fell asleep while sharing a video on Twitch, a live streaming platform. But the mistake, which happened in front of the camera, went viral within seconds. The young woman who checked the video after waking up was really shocked. They earned 2000 New Taiwan dollars (Rs. 5,249) in a single sleep.

They usually shared videos about self-made cosmetic surgeries. They also gained a lot of fans in a very short period of time. She is shocked that she got more money by accidentally sleeping than any other video she has worked so hard to make. Also the number of followers has increased.

This is not the first time someone has made money by streaming sleep live. Another Twitch user earned Rs 11 lakh by filming eight hours of sleep live. But it was not an accident. Live Sleep also gave viewers a chance to wake themselves up.

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