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Could the repeated clashes that animate the daily life of rappers push some to have to arm themselves in order to defend themselves? Rohff, Booba, Gims, Kaaris, The Marten, many artists talk to each other all day long on social networks, whether on Twitter or Instagram.

In a video he recently posted on his networks, Gims filmed himself putting his last purchases away, directly in the trunk of his car. In order to be able to put everything away without anything sticking out, the artist moves everything in the cockpit a little and takes out a sniper rifle, which he will take care to store well later.

Gims pulls a gun out of his car

The video will then be published and accompanied by the following caption, “If you look for me, ana fi dar”, which means: “If you are looking for me, I am at home”. This raises a question. Was it a dummy weapon or a real weapon? For the moment, difficult to know. Even his fans wondered the question and many were shocked by these few images.

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