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The video of a ministerial meeting, made public on Friday May 22 by a judge of the Brazilian Supreme Court, corroborates the suspicions of an attempt by the president to interfere in the police investigations targeting certain relatives. It remains for the prosecution to decide if he charges the head of state.

Did Jair Bolsonaro go too far? Affected by an investigation by the Attorney General of the Republic, who must determine if he sought to intervene in investigations by the federal police targeting certain relatives, the Brazilian president is embarrassed by the broadcast, Friday, May 22 the official video of a ministerial meeting.

In this video made public by decision of a judge of the Supreme Court, extracts of which published by The Independent, the head of state multiplies the insults and complains in particular of failing to obtain information from the police, and also criticizes other intelligence services, before declaring that he wants to interfere in their affairs.

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I don’t want to wait for all my family, or friends, to be fucked ” to change those responsible for the “security” in Rio de Janeiro, he says next.

And although the far-right leader, aware that the video could be broadcast, assured last week that he only referred to the services ensuring the safety of his family, for Folha de São Paulo, this video clearly shows “the intention” Of the president “to interfere ” in federal police matters, as former justice minister Sergio Moro denounced after his resignation.

“[Jair] Bolsonaro ment ”, writes the daily in its editorial, and its version of the facts is “completely implausible ”. Moreover, the newspaper recalls, the Brazilian president had already made changes to his security team in Rio, less than a month before the meeting.

Shortly after the video was released, Jair Bolsonaro told reporters gathered outside the presidential palace “live permanently under pressure ”, with the “possibility” of a seizure in one of his sons “where evidence would be placed ”, pointing to the possibility of a set up. Information he allegedly obtained through friends, civilian and military police in Rio.

Personal informants?

Another point that emerged from the meeting was that Jair Bolsonaro said he had a personal intelligence service there, with unofficial informants. Gold, “nothing in the constitutional order, nor in the principles that guide democratic societies, authorizes the Head of State ” to dispose of it, tip Folha, considering that the Attorney General of the Republic Augusto Aras “is obliged to further investigate the conduct of the attorney. “

It remains to be seen whether this will lead the latter to formulate a formal charge against the head of state. According to a professor of criminal law interviewed by BBC Brasil, “the video alone does not prove a crime but it is not negligible either “, because it corroborates the version of Sergio Moro.

A lawyer says meanwhile to El Pais Brasil than “the attempted interference “ East “sufficient to cause, inter alia, a request for the removal of the President ”. If the prosecutor Augusto Aras decides to indict the head of state, this one “will need the vote of two thirds of the deputies to become a criminal action and, thus, to remove the president ” of power, recalls El Pais Brasil.

Some 34 requests for dismissal are already piling up on the desk of the president of the Chamber of Deputies, who has not yet planned to analyze them.

The far-right leader wants to be confident. For him, broadcasting the video was a good thing: “Everyone thinks and interprets this video as they want, but it’s my way of being. And I will continue to be like that ”he said in his radio interview Jovem Pan. “It’s one more shot in the water, one more prank.”

“[Jair] Bolsonaro uses [cet] episode to re-motivate his base ”, even observes an editorial writer from The Intercept Brazil. “Video is gold for voters who haven’t given up on it yet. There is a demagogic defense of the people, insults (of course), there is talk of armament [des citoyens brésiliens], we attack the press… “, he summarizes, adding that the document “is already in use on social media, with obvious success ”.

“Institutionally, this video would bring down any president. Dilma [Rousseff] fell for less ”, he laments. But “it all depends on the Brazilian institutions that are dead, no date to resuscitate ”.


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