The viral video that ridicules a coverage of “Red hot”

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Antonio García Ferreras, along with a reporter from “Al rojo vivo”, has starred in a video that has been made viral. During a live connection to the aforementioned program, the journalist and presenter took the opportunity to denounce the irresponsibility on the beach of La Barceloneta. “It seems that they are in phase 15”, he said before giving way to a reporter who assured that the citizens who were in the area were not respecting the security regulations established by the Ministry of Health and the City Council of Barcelona.

So far, everything seems normal. However, there is a detail that has caused the laughter of the user who recorded these images with his mobile phone and then be able to share them on his profile. Just a few hours later, the video featured nearly 2,000 interactions.

In the aforementioned “Red hot” connection, the presenter gave his partner a foothold to show the lack of security of the Barcelona citizens on their beaches: “In La Barceloneta some must think that they are in Phase 15 because they are bathing right now “He assured the camera when the reporter had not yet begun to speak. However, when the broadcast was transferred to Barcelona, ​​you could see that the image did not match what they were counting on.

«We see on this beach in La Barceloneta some inappropriate and illegal behavior. There are not a few minors who are taking a recreational bath. The safety distance is not kept, people sunbathe and some even bring their umbrellas, “explained journalist Dayana García, while the video shows:” But if there is nobody! ” «These driving are not allowed. You can only walk and play sports, this morning we have seen crowds but with less intensity, “continued the reporter.

The images showed something very different from what Ferreras and García said. While listening to the information emitted by the reporter, it could be seen that on the beach they were focusing on, there were not too many people and, therefore, the supposed “crowd” they were talking about in the laSexta program was not taking place. Neither umbrellas nor people were seen breaking the security barrier between people. .


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