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The female visual novel “Catboys Paradise” developed by NEKO WORKs has officially landed on Steam, IOS and Android. Players can choose the corresponding platform to play. The game is free on Steam and supports Traditional Chinese.

A love adventure game where Mao Lang makes you heartbeat

After grandpa passed away, you inherited his coffee shop and house. You like Grandpa very much and want to run his coffee shop, but you don’t know how to do it. Just when you have nothing to do, a school finds you and asks if you want to accept a few intern trainees with relevant knowledge. There was no other way, you happily agreed. Didn’t expect that it was not human interns who appeared in front of you, but four humanoid cats of carnivorous type? ! Although I heard that humanoid cat shop assistants are also very common recently, things are still beyond your expectation. The story of you running a coffee shop with four cats is about to begin!

【Character introduction】

Laurel (CV. Ishikawa people) Breed: Thai Manny

  • Height: 182cm
  • The prince is a cat man who does his own way and is always sleepy
  • Yue Gui always looks lazy, and she sleeps when she finds an opportunity. But he is serious and friendly at work, coupled with his handsome appearance, which makes him very popular with female customers. He is the kind of genius who can do everything as long as he shows his true skills.


Fennel (CV. Komata Air)

  • Breed: American Burmese cat
  • Height: 178cm
  • The perfect assistant Mao Lang
  • In order to promote the development of the coffee shop and the growth of the heroine, Anise is tirelessly guiding every day. He is very diligent, always pursuing perfection in his work, and he is very strict with himself. He usually shortens his sleep time to study, so no one has ever seen him sleeping.


Salvia japonica (CV. Yuichiro Umehara)

  • Breed: Bengal cat
  • Height: 190cm
  • The big brother Mao Lang with a kind heart and a strong body
  • Sage is not good at speech and few words, but he will guard everyone silently like a big brother. He is broad-minded and informal. He never refuses when he needs to work. He is very masculine.


Dill (CV. Junya Enoki)

  • Breed: three-color cat
  • Height: 174cm
  • A cat boy who is very coquettish and loves fashion
  • Dill is very close to people, especially good at making friends with people. He loves fashion clothes, and the biggest worry is that he always accidentally buys too many clothes. He will help the heroine choose clothes and give advice on makeup.

[Game highlights]

  • The four cats have their own routes
  • Full Japanese voice (except the protagonist)
  • Support Japanese, English, Chinese
  • Equipped with CG appreciation mode

【Production staff】

  • Character design/original painting: G Yusuke
  • Script: Yuki Yuno
  • Music: POPHOLIC
  • Film production: Nirai-Kanai
  • Producer: Sayori



“Catboys Paradise-Catboys Paradise” Steam page


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