The vitriol charge of the Court of Accounts against the Order of Physicians

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This is a report vitriol that publishes this Monday morning the Court of Accounts against the College of Physicians, a private body created in 1945 to ensure the discipline of the profession: respect for the principles of morality, probity, competence and ethics. The doctors are obliged to join the Order and pay a membership fee of 335 euros in 2019. With more than 300,000 doctors registered, the Order has an annual budget of approximately 85 million euros.

First criticism of the financial magistrates: the Order, presided over by the Dr Patrick Bouet, generalist in Seine Saint-Denis, is sociologically unrepresentative of the medical profession in activity. In fact, out of the 3,311 regular councilors, less than a third are women – and only 9% at the National Council of the Order (CNOM), the body that oversees departmental and regional councils – while they represent nearly half of the medical profession and nearly 60% of young doctors.

Not only is the Order a benchmark for men, but it is a cenacle of old, also criticizes the Court: the average age of members of the CNOM is indeed 68 years, against 51 years for active doctors. And the icing on the cake, while ordinal functions are normally voluntary, the Court points high allowances of some advisers: 9177 euros gross per month for the president and more than 8211 euros gross for the general secretary.

It is not public money, since the resources of the College are drawn essentially from the contributions that physicians pay. Each contribution is broken down into county council, regional council and national council. But a soft focus surrounds the management, accuse the Sages of the street Cambon. With the exception of the CNOM, no board establishes a balance sheet or income statement. Worse: while the Order employs 583 employees in 2018 (up 10% in 7 years), the Sages warn of the need to "End the practice of recruiting for family ties". A modest way of talking about nepotism. The charge is severe … but does not stop there.

Because the Order fulfills only imperfectly its role, according to the Court: it does not check enough the respect of the obligations of obligatory formation of the doctors (the continuous professional development or CPD), nevertheless guarantee of the quality of the care. It does not detect practitioners whose professional inadequacy or state of health makes the practice of medicine dangerous. And the control of the rules of ethics leaves something to be desired, affirms the magistrates. For example, 82 agreements were transmitted between 2016 and 2018 to the Order for services provided by Professor X, head of full-time service in a hospital, for an amount of 726,000 euros! While a pulmonologist participated in eleven international congresses, invited by specialized companies.

Finally, the Court denounces a lack of rigor in the management of complaints against physicians, whether they concern the quality of care, certificates of convenience, or inappropriate behavior with patients.

Faced with this report to vitriol, the CNOM organizes this Monday, in the middle of the morning, a press conference to discuss this report, which he intends to challenge whole areas both in substance and in form. In its response to the Court, the College is surprised that many of its missions have been ignored and challenged "Parcel analysis" of the Court on the effectiveness of its administrative and disciplinary tasks.

If the Order also disputes the analysis of its management, it claims to be "Anxious to continue the modernization of the institution already committed for six years". On this point, it will accelerate the implementation of certain corrective measures in the context of the recommendations of the Court of Auditors.

In the end, the Order affirms that it will continue to make the voice of physicians heard in the public debate, as part of its missions, based on its territorial roots. Which act.

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