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Being an educator is a trade that is learned from being in the educational field, the trade in education is learned as all artisans who perform a task learn, but for the case of those of us in education, the trade is a specialized, demanding task, which is carried out within a context of profound changes.

The job of being an educator or educator is an interesting, complex process, which is learned from weaving experiences and significant experiences and giving them a reflective meaning as they are lived. The first experiences are linked to the student’s past, the images that flow and the models with which they have interacted, although they were not called that, they serve as the basis for the formation of each teacher today. However, teaching is demanding and demanding and now in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic it seems to me that it is even more.

The profession of educating following the ideas of Andrea Alliud in Argentina, is a series of artisan skills in the origin, but professionals later in the consolidation. Today we need skilled teachers and educators who have the versatility, but also the courage to educate in an atypical and unusual context called a pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has become a phenomenon that was anticipated for a few months and has spread in whose scenario we have entered a phase of the unforeseen or the improbable. This topic began to generate a lot of literature, new expertise, new specialties, and now the proposals have given rise to online teachers, teachers in remote settings, in the ability to use digital platforms and take advantage of their benefits. storage and pedagogical advantages.

The paradox of all this context is that we do not have reports or systematized reports or not, that guarantee us a more objective and more punctual approach to the reality of what we are living, the scenario will not change in the short term, the custom will be to learn from the devices and connect to work in the best way, but there are no reports or reports that give account of what new reality we are facing.

The investigations that have supposedly been generated in some areas are more discourse than recount of reality and the generation of knowledge in this emerging field.

The next COMIE congress that will be held in the city of Puebla next year this month, it is very likely that it will put education in a context of pandemic as the central point of reflections.

We need to update our gaze, pose new questions that bring us closer to generating equally unprecedented commitment, of what educators need to know and what we should do in this context. In different testimonies, many teachers report a very exhausting and exhausting scenario, it seems that this adventure of innovation with technology is more tiring than working in the conventional spaces of the task.

Under all this context we need to rescue pedagogical vocationism, it is here where the true educators emerge, it is here where it is shown that working in education has been worthwhile.

It is sad to hear testimonies of complaint, of fatigue, testimonies of exhaustion where it is said “I can’t take it anymore.” We have to do something to continue educating each other. The trade and the vocation must come to the fore and rescue us all.

In this context of innovation surrounded by a pandemic, two complementary elements to make sense of the rescue of this vocation of which I speak:

  1. Seek the formation of networks and groups of teachers, who dialogue and exchange ideas, experiences and teachers of view on educational work in this context.
  2. That under this unprecedented scenario there are no truths or effective proposals, but that everyone is learning along the way.

This nine-month experience that we have lived shows that changes in education arise from underneath meaningful teaching actions and that this change is not of interest to governments, but to educators.

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