“The Voice of Middle Age” has not finished the competition and has announced the concert in May. 41-year-old Long Ting and 50-year-old Ding Wenjun are rumored to sing in an embarrassing chorus-Sun Post-Entertainment-China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

The TVB variety show “The Voice of Middle Age” was well-received and well-received. In addition to the fascinating middle-aged stories of the contestants, the ratings of the show repeatedly hit new highs. A total of 23 contestants from “The Voice of Middle Age” attended the press conference today, officially announcing that the top 26 contestants of the show will hold “The Voice of Middle Age Dream Come True Concert” at Star Hall on May 13th. Everyone was very happy.

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The voice of middle age丨Li Jia moved to Hong Kong with her family for her dream, and Long Ting’s fans are full of gunpowder?next page

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“The Voice of Middle Age” will select the final ten finalists tonight, but today there are only 23 contestants lined up. It turns out that they announced that they will hold a concert. Wu Weihao’s father Wu Daqiang did not attend because of his partner Yan Zhiheng, so he called the host Che Wanwan sang “Always Have Your Encouragement”, which brought another feeling, and Wanwan even got the support of her husband and children’s BBQ, which was serious and warm. Wu Daqiang was interviewed, he said: “I’m so excited, I didn’t expect to have such an opportunity to hold a concert. While preparing for the competition, I was also preparing for the concert. (Wu Weihao’s chorus?) I will make arrangements for the conference, but he is busy filming dramas. Of course, I would like her to develop better in two ways, it would be best to sing and film at the same time.”

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Some contestants have the opportunity to sing on stage, including Cao Minbao and Liang Haoquan’s chorus “Never Like to Be Alone”, Ding Wenjun and Long Ting’s chorus “Because of Love”, Li Jia and Lee Coco’s second sister Li Silin chorus “Love is Boundless”, etc. , to warm up for the concert, everyone has many fans raising placards to support, the scene is very lively. Among them, Cao Minbao and Liang Haoquan put the scandal between Ding Wenjun and Long Ting on the stage. They held hands and sang together, asking Ding Wenjun and Long Ting to hold hands as usual, but the other party had no reason and sang in a serious manner. During the period, Ding Wenjun changed the lyrics to “Dragon Ting’s appearance, and then couldn’t help laughing and singing, the fans immediately screamed excitedly. The team members who had stayed in the background for a short rest rushed out excitedly, and Liang Haoquan even rushed to the stage to fold their hands. Unfortunately, in the end both Ding Wenjun and Long Ting finished the chorus with their hands away, which ended in embarrassment.

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Good voice in the middle age丨Wu Daqiang Chill lives in a discipline and serves as a discipline teacher for four children. He is 71 years old and feels happy chasing his dream: let everyone see the momentumnext page

During the interview, Long Ting was asked about an affair with Ding Wenjun, she tactfully responded: “He sang the wrong lyrics, so I think I should click on it? He couldn’t help laughing, and I couldn’t help laughing, it was so embarrassing! (Gossip?) That day when they sang in karaoke, everyone has their hands, as long as the song is suitable for their hands, it doesn’t matter. (Development?) I don’t know, everyone is good friends.”

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Both Li Jia and Li Jia are popular contestants, and they each have a lot of support from fans. When Li Jia was asked about the two groups of fans in the live broadcast, Li Jia said: “Actually, their starting point is to support us. I am so nervous. Let’s talk about it first, I told them not to be angry, because Long Ting is my good friend, everyone has a good relationship, so they are so good! After coming to Hong Kong, I have participated in several singing competitions, but this time it is really It’s different, everyone feels that they are competitors in the competitions that come forward, but everyone has experienced “The Voice of Middle Age” for a long time. Long Ting said that she never read the comments on the Internet, she thought it was not the same thing at all, although the competition was important, it did not damage the friendship between her and Li Jia.

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