The vote on the Budgets decides today if Portugal goes to the polls

The Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa.

The 2022 Budgets will be voted on this Wednesday in their entirety in the Portuguese Parliament and the vote against the left parties who have supported this legislature to the Government of the Socialist Party (PS) could lead to an early election.

The debate on public accounts began this Tuesday with the intervention of all the parties of the Chamber and this Wednesday they will show their arguments for the final vote.

The PS has ruled in a minority since October 2019 with 108 of the 230 seats, although it received the support of Left Block (BE), which has 19 deputies, and of the twelve representatives of the coalition of the Communist Party (PCP) to be invested.

To carry out the Budgets, the Government of António Costa needs that, in addition to the 108 votes in favor of the PS, 8 other seats support or abstain.

The animalistic party PAN, with three representatives, and two non-attached deputies announced in recent days that they would abstain, but they are not enough.

The parties of the right, PSD (79), CDS (5), IL (1) and Chega (1), ratified in the debate on Tuesday their announced position to vote against.

For his part, the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, maintains its position that if the Budgets are rejected, it will call early elections.


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