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The warm movie “As long as you live me well” Xi’an road show Cao Bingkun loses 50 kilograms for the show

The warm movie “As long as you live me well” Xi’an road show Cao Bingkun loses 50 kilograms for the show

2021-11-28 18:21:40Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network. The warm film “As long as you live better than me” starring Tian Haoning, Lin Boyang and Li Yunrui, directed and acted by Cao Bingkun and directed and acted by Zhang Chong, will be released in theaters nationwide on December 3 and November 28. The film was screened and roadshowed in Xi’an. The film’s creators Cao Bingkun and Tian Haoning came to the filming scene to interact closely with the audience in the ancient city. In an interview with reporters, Cao Bingkun revealed that in order to better portray the characters and make a “dying scene” in the film, he tried to lose weight and lost 50 catties.

The movie “As long as you live better than me” tells the story of the takeaway Cao Dewang (Cao Bingkun) who had to find a way to send his son Cao Sheng (Tian Haoning) into the orphanage due to an accident. After three years of meticulous polishing, the film was finally presented on the big screen, and was supported by the national special fund for the development of the film industry. As a work that combines touching father-son relationship with realistic perspectives and focusing on small characters, the life of the father and son, the director’s simple lens language, and the real performance of the actors in the film all conquer the tear ducts of the audience. After the screening, the headlights were on, and tears were hung on the faces of many viewers. In the post-screening interaction, the appearance of the “father and son” Cao Bingkun and Tian Haoning pushed the audience’s emotions to a climax. Many audience members said that Cao Bingkun and Tian Haoning’s performance made themselves feel warm and moved.

Speaking of the feelings of cooperation, Cao Bingkun said: “For me, who is used to putting emotions into acting skills to show characters, Tian Haoning’s completely submerged performance has also had a great influence on me. I often get caught up by him naturally. Brought into the emotions, discarded the acting skills, and completely restored life.” Little actor Tian Haoning also said: “Dad Cao gave me a lot of inspiration on the scene. We are not acting. Many scenes are real emotions. “

In the interactive scene, some viewers asked whether Cao Dewang’s deathbed state was achieved through special effects at the end of the film. Cao Bingkun revealed the secret on the spot: “When making this movie, I first gained weight and filmed the first stage, then stopped for a month and a half, and lost 50 pounds to film the second stage, and when I was filming the hospital scene in the third stage. , And even the water stopped for three consecutive days, and the role played the feeling of “out of phase”. However, the extremely fast weight loss is very harmful to the body. Don’t try it.”

Cao Bingkun became famous with the role of Xie Ruolin in “Latent”, and later appeared in well-known film and television works such as “The Battle of Shama Town”, “Adolescence Hits Menopause” and “Animal World”. This is his first time as a film director. At the road show in Xi’an, Cao Bingkun said that the original intention of filming this film was because he inadvertently realized his father’s old age, so he had the idea of ​​shooting a film about the relationship between father and son. All the plot materials in the film came from The true story that happened in society. In the film, Cao Dewang, after experiencing all kinds of tragic fate, still persists in his son Cao Sheng, and strives to give the most complete and most affectionate love to the child. This also makes Cao Bingkun deeply touched during filming, “Chinese-style family affection, often It is implicit and not good at expressing. I hope to use the words of Cao Sheng in the film to express the deep emotions that I have hidden for a long time for my father, and also to express the deep love between children and parents in many families.”

It is reported that the movie “As long as you live better than me” was produced by Heli Chenguang International Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Maisong Film Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Beijing Impact Film Investment Co., Ltd., Boya Universal Pictures ( Produced by Beijing) Co., Ltd. and jointly produced by Hainan Heguang Film Co., Ltd. and Beijing Mirimite Film and Television Culture Development Co., Ltd.

Text/Xi’an Newspaper Industry Media Reporter Sun Huantu/Shang Hongtao


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