The warnings of the son of the Caliph General (Cheikh Abdoulaye Mahi Niass).

Some individuals frequent the Caliph simply to take advantage of his image in order to deceive their co-disciples by embodying a certain authority and this is deplorable.

Indeed, for a few hours, some information has circulated stipulating that the Caliph of Medina Baye is under pressure, which is why he renounced his press statement today.

I want to clarify that no disciple of Sheikh Ibrahim Niass is afraid of anyone and in particular his Caliph. It is a total lack of respect for the Caliph to support such remarks and the sponsors of this misunderstanding will be warned. The whole family and the entourage of the Caliph warn these people who lack respect to the Caliph of Mawlana Cheikh Ibrahim Niass …


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