The Warriors, it’s starting to seriously stir around the # 2 pick …

As the 2020 NBA Draft approaches, the Golden State Warriors are talking a lot! With the # 2 pick, the California franchise has always kept their intentions uncertain. Are they going to use it for a young talent or else trade it? For now, there is still some uncertainty.

Because according to media information The Action Network, the Warriors have discussed a possible trade with the Boston Celtics! As we know, the Celtics want to climb into the Top 3 of this vintage. In Boston’s viewfinder, we find the interior James Wiseman.

And during discussions between the two franchises, the name of the Celtics point guard Marcus Smart was mentioned. Eventually, trade between the two franchises failed and are unlikely to resume.

Are the Warriors increasingly hot to trade their second choice?

At the same time, Sports Illustrated indique that the Warriors are well tuned to offers for this # 2 pick. Obviously, the Dubs are ready to move down the hierarchy of the NBA Draft in exchange for a pick all the same well placed and a veteran who could bring into the rotation.

Be careful, there are also rumors about a Chicago Bulls interest compared to the choice of Golden State. Suffice to say that things could seriously change in the hours to come …

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