The weekend concerts: Jaime Urrutia, Capsula, Cobra, ‘The celestial bodies’ …

Metal supergroup Cobra has announced a four-date mini-tour to publicize their fourth album in three decades, entitled ‘Fyre’ (written with y Greek, yes), which has a recent new video, for his song ‘No miracles’. The four appointments, with the public seated, will take place in Azpeitia (last week, sold out), Vitoria (this Friday, there are few tickets of the 150 available), plus Madrid and Valencia (already in November).

Let’s review the cobra lineup, whose baptism was taken from a mamporrera film of the same name starring Sylvester Stallone: ​​David González, by Deusto (bass; ex Evirus69, ex PiLT, and now in the Berri Txarrak in dry dock); Josu Luengo, from Sopelana (guitar; he played in Evirus69), Haritz Lete from Eibar (voice; he is Kokein’s drummer) and Madrid-based Berriztarra Ekain Elorza (drums; Morgan, Dinero, Seiurte…).

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Friday 23

Vitoria, Jimmy Jazz, € 13. Hours: 8.30pm doors; 9 pm Duma; 10 p.m. Cobra.


Nacho Vegas: Premiere of ‘Gold, saltpeter and coal’

The seventh of the 10 concerts at 10 euros that celebrate the 10th birthday of the Sala BBK will be open at 8 o’clock by the dream pop group Airu and finished at 9 o’clock by the Asturian rock singer-songwriter and disenchanted expodemita Nacho Vegas, who just this same Friday, October 23, he publishes the double anthological album ‘Gold, saltpeter and coal’, with rarities, direct and six unpublished, namely: ‘Gold, saltpeter and coal’, ‘Lyrica’, ‘The noise and the stars’,’ El Carmín de la Pola ‘,’ Arriba burning the sun ‘and’ Fabulation ‘. Read here the Nacho Vegas concert review.

On Saturday Nacho will make a stop in San Sebastián, at the Victoria Eugenia, here at 30 euros a ticket. And you will already know that he has renewed his musicians and, currently, León Benavente does not accompany him, who emerged from his bosom as a parallel project and obtained an unexpected, but not undeserved, success.

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Friday 23

Bilbao, Sala BBK, 20 h, 10 € (sold out).


Jaime Urrutia: In the short distance

Jaime Urrutia, the former leader of the Caligari Cabinet (Madrid, 1981-1999; before he also served in Aggressive Executives, those of ‘Mari Pili’), will read from the lectern the lyrics of his transversal and eighties songbook (he will probably repeat in the encore his hymn ‘In the heat of love in a bar’), and it will also sting in his three official solo albums (‘Patente de Corso’, 2002, ‘El Muchacho Eléctrico’, 2005, and the already distant ‘What Is Not Written’, 2010), in a concert with doubly limited capacity: because the venue in the stands is not very large and due to the pandemic.

Jaime Urrutia (electric guitar and voice) will be presented in trio format completed by Esteban Hirschfeld (keyboards, melodic and percussion) and Juan Carlos Sotos (acoustic guitar, choirs and percussion). This is a concert postponed from its original date: March 20, when we were locked up at home.

We took the photo from his Facebook and it is a selfie from June 21 in which Jaime celebrated Music Day with his wife May Paredes in the heat of a terrace.

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Friday 23

Leioa, Kultur, 8.30 pm, € 12.


Capsule: A dream trip of electric combustion

Carlos Gª Azpiazu

Says the Argentinian trio from Bilbao Capsula, who writes his name without accent: «We want that Culture reaches everyone at a time when we need it more than ever and live the experience of live music adapting the show so that it can be enjoyed in other areas.

Martín Guevara (voice and guitar), Coni Duchess (bass and voice) and Álvaro Olaetxea (drums; the one in the photo of Carlos Gª Azpiazu shot at his concert at the Euskalduna in July, in the Aurrera cycle), who are already recording the next album (which will follow ‘Bestiarium’), they will present a show they have called ‘Electric Seres’ and announce like this: «A combination of songs with pictures that invite the audience to immerse themselves in a dreamlike journey of electric combustion ».

And they redound more beautifully: “Songs that travel in frequencies of spacerock, psychedelia and pop noise, taking us like in a sci-fi movie through post-punk rhythms and at times heavy psych, in an audiovisual experience of great energy combustion”.

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Friday 23

Eibar, Coliseo, 8.30pm, € 10.


Black Cockroach Terrorfolk: Premiere with gas masks

The duo from Vitoria self-labeled as ‘terrorfolk’ and made up of Joel and his longtime friend Luis Carlos, debuts this Saturday live. He will do it in the Hell Dorado, and has sold out the tickets, just as the duo composed of Los Misterios and Screamers & Sinners has achieved for the morning and afternoon sessions. In August we interviewed Joel and the conversation we had with him is widely read in El Correo Digital, perhaps thanks to its headline: “We wear gas masks for health security” (here is the link).

Good old Joel contacted us by e-mail and introduced himself like this: “Hello! How is everything? I’m Joel, a former member of the Moonshine Wagon and Dead Bronco. I really want to present you the new roñas music project in which I am involved and with which we are going to get out of this boring quarantine. It’s called Black Cockroach Terrorfolk and it’s a horrorpunk and american folk duo a banjo and cigarbox, one man band style (man orchestra). I drums and banjo at the same time, and we sing with gas masks with built-in microphones, all homemade. It’s like mixing Reverend Beat-Man with NoFX and Slim Cessna, ha ha … ». Which majo…

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Saturday 24

Vitoria, Hell Dorado, 17 h, 13 € (sold out).


‘The celestial bodies’: Flemish science fiction

On Saturday, October 3, only 50 people (at 28 euros a ticket, eh?) We saw the choreography ‘The celestial bodies’ at the Barakaldo Theater, reproduced in quintet led by the Sevillian Marco Vargas and the Canadian Chloé Brülé, and no one left unsatisfied. So I hope more people will come to Vitoria to witness this weightless amalgam of astrophysics, flamenco and electronics.

‘The celestial bodies. Choral score in seven movements’, which lasts a past hour, invites you to observe the universe with a telescope, or failing that through 7 x 50 binoculars. You travel through the cosmos in a kind of neo-flamenco fictional dance supported by electronic music that it works for a thousand reasons: it is neither pedantic, nor oppressive, nor avant garde, but retro between Vangelis and Can, and the epilogue throbs a rave of The Prodigy with a folk setting.

‘The heavenly bodies’ works for everything, from light (the darkness soon melts away) to sound (we insist that electronics do not repel, but rather accompany as in a documentary about the infinity of stars), from narration ( everything is less allegorical and more intelligible than in any flamenco choreography) down to the costumes and the scenery (the start actually resembles the beginning of a stellar journey and almost takes a step into the fifth dimension).

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Saturday 24

Vitoria, Teatro Principal, 8.30pm, tickets at € 13 and € 19.


New Catholic Catechism: Two Lightning Attacks

Bermeano Belaza’s ‘alt sessions’ make your mouth water by announcing: “From Donosti, two lightning attacks from our punk-rock kings.” They warn that safety regulations will be respected, and whoever has 14 euros and spends them to see the two passes of blitzkrieg punk you will not regret enduring such a shock, such an incursion of the indomitable patrol always led by the Ibáñez brothers, Gonzalo on the microphone and Arturo on the guitar. The photo is from his Facebook and was taken in the rehearsal room, where you can see that the five appear with masks.

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Saturday 24

Bermeo, Belaza Malandra, 13.30 and 18.30 h, 7 €.


Enrique Oliver 4t: Plus three out of series

The third of the eleven autumn sessions of the 30th year of the Bilbaína Jazz Club, baptized ‘Autumnazz‘, will be starred by the 35-year-old tenor saxophonist from Malaga, Enrique Oliver, who already acted as a guest of the trumpeter Félix Rossy’s quintet in the first session of this batch hosted in the lavish auditorium of the Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga Conservatory, next to the exit of the Sarriko metro .

The malagueño Enrique Oliver returns to lead a stellar quartet completed by three out of series: the Valencian Albert Sanz on piano, the Cuban Ledian Mola on double bass and the Uruguayan Guillermo McGill on drums.

They are premiering Oliver’s latest album, called ‘Incerteza’ and published by the Blue Asteroid label. In addition, Oliver has collaborated on more than 50 albums by other artists, from Perico Sambeat (‘Voces’) to Miguel Poveda (‘Time flies by’).

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Saturday 24

Bilbao, Sarriko Conservatory, 7 pm, € 12.


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