The weekend will be hot and stormy –

As Hons reminded us, our sensory temperature will also be increased by humidity. “August is trying to make up for the coldest and changeable July since 2011,” she added.

On Thursday it will be mostly almost clear to partly cloudy, in the afternoon in the Czech Republic clouds will start to increase and in some places there will be showers and thunderstorms. Afternoon temperatures rise to 28 to 32 degrees.

On Friday it will be partly cloudy to cloudy, rain or thunderstorms during the day. Night temperatures drop to 19 to 15 degrees. The highest daily temperatures are 26 to 30 degrees, in the west only around 24 degrees.

Saturday will be the “coldest” day of the end of the week. “It will be cloudy to partly cloudy, gradually in places with rain, showers and thunderstorms. Night temperatures will drop from 18 to 14, the highest day temperatures will rise to 25 to 29 degrees, “said Hons.

Cloudy to partly cloudy will predominate as well Sunday. Thunderstorms or showers will occur only rarely. At night the temperatures drop to 18 to 14, during the day they rise to 26 to 30 degrees.

On Monday it will be partly cloudy, during the day until cloudy with showers or thunderstorms. Night temperatures remain between 18 and 14 degrees, daytime temperatures rise to 28 to 32.

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Photo: Urs Flueeler, ČTK / AP

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