The well-known artist breaks her silence… Has her health deteriorated due to cancer?

In response to rumors of her deteriorating health due to cancer, actress Somaya El Alfy revealed that she is currently in good health after fully recovering from the disease.

In televised statements, on an Egyptian satellite channel, she denied the rumors circulating about the deterioration of her health due to cancer, saying: “A year has passed since cancer surgery, and medical reports confirmed that I am in good health now and recovered from the disease after the surgery,” stressing that “cancer is a difficult disease and its treatment.” And recovering from it is very difficult.”

The Egyptian artist expressed her surprise at the rumors about her health, pointing out that she will undergo medical examinations every 3 months to check on her health after recovery.

And she continued: “I hope that the cancer will not return again, and I did not talk about the details of my disease at all or the details of the treatment, and the year 2022 was very difficult, and I lived a difficult and painful year because cancer is a difficult disease, and its treatment and recovery from it is very difficult.” (Arabic)

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