The White Circus rumbles behind Federica Brignone

Federica Brignone was the first to react on Thursday evening. With a crash. The champion of the general classification of the World Cup does not accept the fate of her Swedish opponents, authorities deprived of slaloms in Levi after their coach tested positive. In an Instagram “story”, the Italian rebels. “Why have we been tested? How is it possible that all the athletes in a nation (all negative after three tests) with just one positive trainer cannot run? Is it fair? ”Asks the Valdôtaine.

Federica Brignone also has questions for the future. This situation, especially if the contact with a positive case goes back several days (as is apparently the case, the skiers not having been around their coach for several days, in training), could indeed recur frequently throughout. throughout the season. She also regrets the difference in treatment with football, yet a contact sport before giving “all her support to Swedish girls”.

Federica Brignone’s message was notably shared by Alexis Pinturault and Camille Rast. Within the Swiss team, if all precautions were taken over the last few days and before leaving for Finland, the climate was also slightly tense, because the skiers feared to be positive despite everything.


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