The “White Night Aurora” x “Persona 5 Royal” combo event starts on July 14th! There is also a chance to get luxurious scenery! – funglr Games

Level Infinite’s linear strategy RPG”white night aurora“and”Persona 5 Royal“There will be a joint ride plan!
existJuly 14, 2022 (Thursday to August 3, 2022 (Wednesday)held in between!

“White Night Aurora” × “Persona 5 Royal” collaboration decision!


white night aurora“and”Person 5 Royal”’s joint ride will beJuly 14 (Thursday) to August 3 (Wednesday)Held for a limited time!
The title of the event is “Noshita Tsukiyo (Stolen on the moonlit night)”, and in the released illustrations of the multiplier, there are “Joker」「Queen」「Mona」「Violet」「Fox“5-people!
Details of future events can be found at“White Night Aurora” official Twitter(@AlchemyStarsJP) waiting for further messages. Be sure to follow Twitter to avoid missing any news!

Possibility to get luxurious sights! Joint Commemorative Event!

Joint Commemorative ActivitiesTwitter

Now Twitter is holding a joint ride commemorative event!
Add Hashtag “#Alchemy Stars P5R collaborationQuoted Retweeted Postsit’s done, will pull out3 digitssend “P5 Tarot Replica“and5send “White Night Aurora Official Merchandise」!
and as long astrack“White Night Aurora” official Twitter(@AlchemyStarsJP)andRetweethave the opportunity to becomeOne of the 10 happy childrendrawAmazon gift roll 5,000 yen
Grab the chance to get the luxury view, join now!

Activity Summary
Activity period

July 3, 2022 (Sun) to August 3, 2022 (Wed)


・A Prize: P5 Tarot Replica (3 winners by lottery)
・B prize: White Night Aurora Official Goods (5 winners by lottery)
・Amazon gift voucher 5,000 yen (10 lottery)

How to participate

・Add “#白夜AuroraP5Rコラボ” to the retweeted post (A reward・B reward)
・Follow “White Night Aurora” official Twitter (@AlchemyStarsJP) and Retweet T (Amazon Gift Voucher)

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